Small Things = Big Difference or tying one on this weekend

This is the second post of a new weekly column this winter with tiny tips to save the planet by buying eco friendly items and maximizing the value of those items by making them last longer.

My guy doesn't wear many ties these days, so it is taking me a long time to collect enough to cover a chair seat in a cheap imitation of this amazing piece by Peter Russo.

Good ties are expensive so you want to help them last (even when planning your own recycled chair seat) and here are some tips to help that happen.

1. Ties are cut on the fabric's bias which gives them stretch for knotting, but it also makes them susceptible to lumps and bumps. So - no wire hangers (Joan was right about this one) - hang them vertically, lie them flat or roll them up.

2. Rest 'em - Even when you have a fave tie or a trademark tie- giving it at least a day of rest - unknotted - between wears will prolong its life.

3. Untie it - Tying a proper tie is becoming a lost art and gives some guys who don't do it very often a headache, but untying them is just as important.

The best way to remove a tie - for the tie - is to work these steps in reverse. Pulling the smaller end through the knot is much quicker but can stretch the tie out of shape.

4. Roll 'em - You can't wash a tie in water because it will shrink unevenly. You can't dry clean silk ties and you can't iron them or they can harden and get shiny. So, for wrinkles- first try rolling it- starting at the narrow end- and then leave it rolled for a couple days and see if it smooths out. If not, think steam.

5. Buy 'em to last - A lining of 100% wool or a wool mixture will help the tie hold its shape over time. A biased cut across the fabric grain makes the tie lie straight when you knot it. When buying a tie- try looping it on your hand- it shouldn't twirl in the air if it's high quality. Check closely for even weaving and if a silk tie feels rough to the touch- it likely won't last as long as finer silk, so pass it up.

Some Etsy finds for you tie guys and the tie guys in our lives.

1. One of Toybreaker's gorgeous screened ties.
2. Sherry Truitt's totally clever and amazing Knock His Socks Off cufflinks.
3. We Choose Joy (love that name!) adorable little So Handsome Onesie.
4. Dolly Knit's beautiful Knitted John Tie.
5. Linda Layden's gorgeous faux ivory scrimshaw tie bar.


Sherry said...

Thank you for including my cuff links, this totally made my not otherwise so great day. I love your other choices too.

This was one of my google alerts!

Artsnark said...

fun post! I love a cool tie & the Pennyfarthing rocks