Vintage Rolling Pin Towel Rack DIY Upcycled Tutorial

I have been wanting to add a towel bar or two to my kitchen butcher block counter (which was originally a potting shed cabinet) for a long time.

I recently picked up a couple vintage rolling pins at a flea market and knew they would be just perfect!

I had some hardware left over from this bottle project last Christmas, but you can easily pick some up in the electrical or plumbing department of your local hardware store.

Plus it spins when you pull the towel - how cool is that!

you will need:

a rolling pin
2 galvanized split ring hangers (bring rolling pin to store for sizing)
2 3/8" galvanized ceiling flange (plumbing or electrical department),
3/8 threaded pipe cut to size (store will cut),
(4) #12X1" screws
measuring tape, screwdriver and drill

1. measure for placement
2. measure twice!
3. mark and drill screw holes
4. screw in ceiling flange and then add threaded pipe
5. add split ring hanger with rolling pin

Now head over to Etsy and get yourself an amazing handtowel:

1. the heated advice by theheated
2. pistol bar towel from branchhandmade
3. mr. darcy proposal hand towels by brookish
4. kitchen bits tea towel by wonderthunder
5. organic summer pennant tea towel by katherinejlee
6. essential herbs kitchen towels by nestahome
7. mussel organic linen tea towel by madderroot

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madder root said...

I love this idea. Thanks for sharing.

Sherry said...

Ok, thant is simply the cutest thing!

MrsHull said...

Very neat! I like your towel, too.

Orion Designs said...

You've done it again ... floored me with your cleverness!

lynn bowes said...

What a marvelous idea : I'm on it. Now I have to find that old rolling pin :: lynn

Catherine Ivins said...

thanks guys- super easy 2!

Shelby said...

CUTE! I love it very much :)

Lickety Split said...

Love it Cat! You are so clever

Izabel Designs said...

I'll keep this in mind when we renovate our kitchen, thanks for sharing!

Grace said...

Very fun idea. Reminds me of the old-fashioned English roller towels that were endless loops on a rolling bar.

Hmm! May need to try this!

Kim from Milwaukee said...

Wow, I may just have to display my rolling pin between uses and make it double as a towel bar. Brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing this! said...

That is absolutely clever and adorable. Thanks for posting this!

Holly Knott said...

Love it! Just stumbled across your blog while Googling "rolling pin hangers". A friend just gave me a very old maple rolling pin and I am now tempted to do this.

Courtney L. said...

I know I'm really, really late to the party, but I just saw a link to your tutorial on an Apartment Therapy post. Do you have a source on the towel pictured in your tutorial that you can share? It's amazing!

Catherine Ivins said...

hey Courtney- it was from Anthropologie, but yes, a few years back - they might have something similar now though!

Lauren from DIY BEST POSTS said...

Geat idea! Simple and so clever.
I shared this article on my site.

Anonymous said...

Monster cup hooks could be used instead of the electrical/plumbing fittings and then you'd be able to take the rolling pin out to use when you wanted it, too. It's a festive idea, but I use the rolling pin occasionally and would want it able to be easily taken out of the fasteners. Some sort of "U" bracket would work, too. Hey, if you could take the rolling pin out from the brackets, then you could use a roller towel and wouldn't that be a vintage hoot?

Catherine Ivins said...

Yes, I have a couple rolling pins so don't mind losing one, but if you can take it out even better!

Unknown said...

This is very simple and mind blowing idea. Thank you very much to share a very valuable post and provide amazing information to the people. The wooden towel bar looking very beautiful. We can use it in very simple way. In this blog rolling of towel bar is so attractive.

Catherine Ivins said...

Thanks Seema! - Cat :)

Unknown said...

Just found this! It's perfect for the old butcher block (my dad handmade 40 years ago) and for my mom's 50 year old rolling pin! Both of my parents passed away recently, but with this project, I will think of them every time I go into the kitchen, remembering Thanksgiving dinners, Xmas dinners, birthday celebrations, any time Mom was making a pie (which was constantly)! Thank you for posting and listing instructions!

FYI, I have the perfect tea towel, my sister just sent it to me for Xmas. It says:

"I'll have a Cafe-Mocha Vodka-Valium Latte to go, please."

Giovanni Carlo said...

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