Tuesday Trends - (kicking Take 10 Tuesday to the curb for a while)

When I did my first wholesale tradeshow last week I had a few buyers asking if I had any Mad Men kind of stuff. This genre is hot!

(and if you're thinking this trend has been hot for awhile now and I'm just late to the party - you're right, I am unfortunately one of those late to the party kind of girls - always have been)

Trend # 1 - The 60's are back with MAD MEN - This hit tv show centers on the character of adman Don Draper and his life in and out of the advertising agency.

It regularly depicts the changing America of the 1960's; the negative stuff - the sexism, the homophobia, the racism as well as the positive stuff - the kind of style and ritualized living that has gotten lost in the last few decades.

Think 3 martini lunches, hats for men and women, up-dos (uh, maybe not), dinner parties, brooches, delicate wristwatches, white gloves, pencil skirts and big high waisted skirts, too, the color salmon (I only like this color on my petunias, sorry) - think drama!

How and if you might want to work this trend into your own work is up to you.

Here's what a few smart peeps selling on Etsy are doing:

1. Cat Eye's Tote by LaLune Designs
2. Lucky Strike Magnet by Bauer Designs
3. ERIN Pencil Dress by SheByCindy
4. Vintage Window Chalkboard by Halfpint Salvage
5. Vintage Pearl Necklace at LeslieAnna
6. Sherry Truitt's Madison Avenue Map Necklace

(dresses on top of post available at Modcloth)

and my own (literal, I know) Mad Men inspired locket set.

(order one this week and I will refund your shipping charge - just note MAD MEN in the comments to seller section of your order)

Look for Trend 2 next Tuesday (hint- think leaping tall buildings in a single bound - sort of)


Sherry said...

What? Me, trendy? Love your choices, Cat.

I like to watch trends, too. I think the key is to do them subtley, and make them your own.


Unknown said...

Cat...A funny post. I just shared it with the rest of the team here at Daily Grommet....Joanne

woolies said...

I'm always late to the party too - just started watching Mad Men this season, even though my father lived it in real life (ad guy in the '60's). Love the mad men influenced items on etsy. :)

Maggie May said...

so coool!!!

Anonymous said...

Spiderman! Is it Spiderman?