Why The World Wants Needs Our Passion - the why of our business ...

"don’t ask what the world needs. ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. because what the world needs is people who have come alive." - howard thurman

So, I truly, truly believe that it is the passion in people that draws us to them and draws us to the things they have created - our energy seeking out energy that makes us feel good - that makes us feel more alive -

the law of attraction thing that doesn't involve diamonds and maseratis.

As I get ready for my first wholesale shows I had gotten myself a bit stressed out about the sales part of all of this (and all the other parts, but this particular part at this particular moment).

I am not any kind of "sales" person in the sense that I can flatter, cajole or close the sale.

Ever notice how hard it is at a craft show to just say the words -"can I wrap this up for you?" ... ugh ... I used to be better at that when I sold things I didn't create.

I think the more personal the work we sell gets, the harder this gets for some of us.

As I am saying "can I wrap this up for you?" - I am hearing "do you like me?" - damn this stuff is hard)

Anyhoo, I realized just this morning that I have actually been looking at this entire situation backwards. The question isn't what am I losing by not having a salesperson and how do I bring that to the table - well, that question does need to be addressed and I will get to that one, but the bigger question is what advantage do I have as the maker that the salesperson in the booth next to me does not have?

Well ... I have the why of this whole thing because I am the why. I have the passion!

Now, how I translate this passion into actual words that will reach the other person - because I can't just jump around and act all ... well ... passionate ...

(this would probably get rather exhausting and might even earn me a quick trip to one of those famous Las Vegas institutions for people who are a little too passionate - like those prophetizing the end of the world on street corners or selling other things on street corners)

so I am thinking the key to all of this goes back to my why and connecting that why to those store owners who have their own whys for their own businesses.

For example I think that most people (when given the choice and the story - the why - the passion - of the maker providing that passion is about more than making money) want to buy handmade.

(and I should note I am not saying there is anything wrong with the maker wanting to make money too, of course, if we are selling our makings we want to make money, but a higher calling does create a higher energy)

And I think that most people want to buy sustainable, eco friendly goods provided that 1. they do not have to go to any incredibly heroic lengths to do so, 2. that you do not make them feel bad about not doing so - no green-guilt please, I just hate that and I'm sure others do, too and 3. that the items are truly cool and beautiful and not just "green". It isn't enough to be made from something already out there or something organic or something "green". It has to stand on its own two feet. My work does. So this is the kind of stuff I will be talking about with these store owners - why their customers will want to buy my stuff from them!

Oh, and I will be saying "can I write up an order for you?" or even better, if I am feeling very brave (please, please let me be feeling very brave) "did you want the show special or to choose your own selection?"

As a side note, well 2 side notes actually: I went to the chiropractor and he did an ultrasound treatment on my forearm/elbow area for tendonitis and it totally cured my posion ivy which just happened to be in exactly the same place on my arm for almost a month (in less than 5 minutes) so you may be reading about this in medical journals oneday.

(if there is anyone out there who reads medical journals and Olive Bites blog)

I should add that a friend had also given me Louise Hays book, "You Can Heal Your Life" . The book's suggested cause for poison ivy is “feeling defenseless and open to attack.” Her suggestion for a new thought pattern to cure this is: “I am powerful, safe, and secure. All is well.”

So, maybe the combination of ultrasound and ultrasound thinking has finally cured this thing.

Also has anyone seen an eggplant like this one - we have 3 of these growing in the garden - what the hell is going on with our eggplant?? (I added the rootbeer for a size comparison)

They look like some kind of genetic engineering experiment gone wrong- I wonder what Louise Hays would say about this?

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Sherry said...

I often think when we write on our blogs, it is quite brave. This conversation you've had with us this morning is the one you've had with yourself for quite awhile.

So, I will simply say, you will have a smashing show. Not because your lines are wonderful, they are, of course, but because you believe in them.

No dancing required, my friend.


Catherine Ivins said...

THANKS Sherry- yes, my tap dancing shoes are very old - glad I won't need them - xo

Brenda said...

Loved this, Cat, particularly after just wrapping up the Renegade show this weekend. I had been playing in my head with wrapping up my biz - not sure that my creations were that desirable anymore, etc. And was awed and humbled by the wonderfully positive feedback from folks in person. Seeing the expression on my niche market's faces when they saw and touched and oohed and aahed. So, not wrapping things up just yet ... :)

That said, the art of sales is ... an art. And a learnable one! The parts that aren't easily learnable are the parts that you already get: passion, creation, creativity, expertise in your product, etc.

I am SO excited for you and want to hear more about your wholesale show prep and shows! You're going to rock it. Truly. xoxo

Tanya Bermudez said...

I appreciate your openness and honesty with your passions & business ventures. I just started taking my Arts & Crafts to the business level and am very nervous! But I agree with the idea of our passion being the key to success, which enables us to keep our passions open and alive.

Good luck!!


Kagan said...

Cat, I'm so excited for you..when I read your posts regarding this show I can't help but wish I was there with you. So, I'm sending you my full support! I think we all go through doubt, we wonder, "will they GET it?" and the thing is they will! They will feel you and they will understand your product and it's purpose. Thank you for sharing such lovely thoughts. XO

sheila at shecological said...

Hi Cat,
I have been away for a month and decided to read your inspirational post to get me back into the web thing (I have to say, it was nice to get a break from the computer).
It was very brave and honest of you to bare your nerves on this blog post but I think the quote at the beginning is the answer to your fears.
I used to do art fairs selling dolls that I made and I have sold my bags directly (face to face) as well. The thing that allows me to not pass out from insecurity and fear is the thought that I want people to have my products. I am passionate about why they are a good and valuable thing. The selling and the sale is not about me but about the planet and the customers' benefit.
Good luck at the show and congratulations on having the opportunity to share your passion!!