Recycled Book Book-Rack DIY Upcycled Tutorial

By now I am sure you are thinking that I am obsessed with drilling into books, but I really do love my books and hate to put holes in them ....

(maybe I need a 12 step)

Here an old book easily makes a great little bookrack that you are going to love!

This also allows you to stand up some books on a shelf that may be a bit too narrow for them.

what you need:

a hard cover book that you have already read
2 hardware handles (not sure what these are called, I got them in the hardware store near the drawer pulls and hinges)
4 bolts
drill, drill bit that is larger than your handle hardware

1. measure your hardware and mark your drilling holes
2. drill slowly and firmly
3. drop in your handle hardware
4. bolt underneath and on top
5. add some books

And some amazing Etsy finds for you bibliophiles:

1. Leather Journal by Julie Boyles
2. Great Rules of Writing Wood Notepad by Quotes and Notes
3. Unblocked Tee by Citrus Tree
4. Keep Calm and Read On by KeepCalm Shop
5. Eco-friendly Chalkboard by HalfpintSalvage


Viktoria said...

I´m impressed! looks funny to make, I have to try it sometimes.

Amie McCracken said...

I'm so doing this. Wonderful idea.

Lori said...

How do you accommodate for the bolt on the underside?

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Lori- Mine sit flat on the 4 little bolts. I just pulled one back and took out the bolts and that works fine, too (with the handle bottom flush with the book bottom).

Cynthia said...

Very clever! Thanks for sharing!

Julie Boyles Journals and Books said...

Ooh, I really like this! I've got the perfect books I'm going to try this with. I'll bet one of these would make a great prop for a product photo. Thanks for showing off my journals too!

I'm thinking about offering those book belts for sale. Maybe start a new-old trend....

Catherine Ivins said...

You should do that Julie- the belts would be amazing!

Unknown said...

very clever! thanks for a great tutorial -- can't wait to try it!

Lori said...

That is so cute, Cat! I believe those handles are call U-bolts (I hang out at Home Depot a lot.) And your book pile looks like mine - good reading!