Whining Wednesday - without the actual ... well, whining

I can't really whine because I am way too much a glass half full

(with vodka)

kind of girl these days, so let's just call this a Wednesday fireside chat

(because it's Wednesday and hot enough to start a fire)

Chat 1 - My bud Sherry Truitt's excellent research into what does and does not work with our banner ad advertising "campaigns" has me realizing that I have not done any extensive research in a long time.

(maybe since I was a child when I put a wet washcloth on a piece of bread and lay it in the back of the broom closet to see if I could grow mold - I could - I also once took the telephone apart)

Remember when we did research instead of googling things? Now, we suspect that someone else has already done the research and it would be a waste of our time to re-search, so we search google for five minutes and either get our answer or give up.

But, Sherry has inspired me and I am going to research something .... not sure what yet, but the idea of little graphs and charts

(with maybe some action figures thrown in from my happy meal collection)

really gets my juices flowing ... it has to be something I can do in pencil, too ... I really need a reason to use my graphite.

Chat 2 - OK, so was anyone else stunned to see Nicole get voted off Work of Art?! I was speechless. I had to do a couple laps around my studio to make sure I was still on planet Earth.

Granted that nature piece was not her best work ... but still ...

Chat 3 - On Friday I will have my first acupuncture treatment - I am curious if anyone has done this.

My bud Kristen Tercek recommended a local healer she and her hubby have seen a couple times named Shelby Sickles. I am thinking with a name like that she has to be good.

<---- (kind of like these guys)

I will let everyone know how that goes. Have been having the tingling in arm and fingers and shoulder pain for a while again, so hoping this "energy reset" will help.

(editor's note- so after I wrote this I was warned about acupuncture bruising and have been thinking that bruises all over my neck before a show is probably not a good idea - maybe I will have to do a little research about this - better grab my Speed Racer action figure and a sharpened number 2 for this one ... )

Chat 4 - I am off to Vegas in a few days. My sister is meeting me there to help me at Pool and we have already decided that if we are going to lose money, it is going to be through shopping - hoping some of those cash and carry tables will have a minimum purchase of ... well ... one item ... - and not through a poorly played hand of blackjack.

(neither of us are gamblers, unless you count our willingness to use public restrooms and eat street food)

Also hoping that what happens in Vegas, doesn't stay in Vegas and I come home with a few new wholesale accounts.

Well, got nothing else. Busy making jewelry and packing things up and trying to stay cool through this hottest summer on record!


Unni Strand said...

I'm happy to read that you're having a warm and lovely summer! We're having a visit from the Mother of All Rainstorms today. A really good excuse for a cup of tea (without sugar, of course) and a large piece of Sweedish chocolate. (My son went to Sweden yesterday, to buy some cheap beer. And he actually bought a chocolate for his mum! -It might be due to the fact that he's leaving home to study in the other part of the country in two days...)

Sherry said...

I'm a pencil type of girl too, I'll even write it all down before I put it in the computer.

True about the acupuncture....wait.

Once I was in Atlantic City for business, no really, and I saw a silver dollar someone left in the slot machine tray. I put it in and won $20.00 True story.

It can't be any hotter in Vegas than here!


Catherine Ivins said...

Yes Sherry I think I am calling today and postponing that appt- looking like I am covered in hickeys is probably not a good thing - Unni- sounds like he is missing you already....

Viktoria said...

..For me it would be better not to go to Vegas, i am afraid I could not resist to try a game...

Some time ago I won $300.- with a Number I had dreamed, really!
I woke up, had a number before my eye and said it the whole time , stumbling out of bed to get a pencil and something to write on it.
and what shall I say ...on the one hand I was so happy ,
I felt like kissed by an angel, ..on the other side I thought;
it might have been $10.000 as well....ungrateful girl!?

M.M.E. said...

I wish you the best of luck in Vegas! I know you're going to do a smashing job there!!