Friday Finds - Inspiration is Everywhere!

These wonderful little totems from Donald Corey are designed to create a visual reminder of our goals.

The cricket represents 'Luck', the spider 'Power' and the lightning bug, 'Creativity'."

These pieces have me thinking of all the ways we can tell stories with our own work.

So, instead of calling that blue necklace we've been working on 'blue necklace' maybe a name like .. 'clarity' would allow our buyer to see how wearing our work can bring the ideals of our intention into their own life when wearing it.

Could these clothes hangers by Anna Thomas be any more perfect?
The simplicity and brilliance just takes my breathe away!

How can our own work shout something so amazing, so simply?

Damn that is a great intention to work on.

And how brilliant is this Red Bull "airdrop" freebie marketing campaign on this college campus?

This project was developed as an interactive experience.

The objective was to break the passiveness of the experience of free product samples and involve the students in an interactive experience where they would become a part of the campaign itself.

How can we make our own customers part of our campaign? This one has really got me thinking!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and remember that inspiration is everywhere!


Sherry said...

I love your choices this week, hmmmm, now what can we airdrop?


Viktoria said...

The hangers are so incredible!!! ..makes me really happy to look at this perfect design idea!
Thank you cat, for finding these astonishing things!

Kendra Zvonik said...

Great questions for me to ponder! Thanks for the inspiration, Cat!

Cynthia said...

Food for thought! Thanks for the inspirational examples!