Enthusiasm is the beautiful beginning that changes everything ... hell, yeah

On Saturday night, after weeks of deliberation, I finally purchased Danielle LaPorte's Firestarter Sessions to see if they could get me a bit more "fired up" for my upcoming wholesale shows.

I scrolled within seconds to the following paragraph - in a 192 page ebook with maybe 350 (?) paragraphs. (HELLO!)

"Enthusiasm is the genuine Yes! that will uncork your genius, signal your muses to come down, and magnetize the resources you need to be within your reach. Enthusiasm is the beautiful beginning that changes everything." - Danielle LaPorte

If you know what I sell you can see why these words jumped right off the page and into my head and heart! KABAM!

It felt truly like a gigantic YES! from the universe just for me at exactly the moment I needed it (almost knocked me right out of bed).

(or am I like the guy who buys the red Honda and then sees red Hondas everywhere?)

Anyhoo, wishing you a week filled with the kind of magical synchronicities that will knock you right out of bed, too ...

lovin' this winking, gunning cat by retrowhale


Unni Strand said...

I could need some enthusiasm today. But where should I look?

Catherine Ivins said...

Unni- I think you need only to look at your own gorgeous work- you totally inspire me with it!!

xo- Cat :)

Unni Strand said...

Thank you! You've put a smile on my face!

M.M.E. said...

I absolutely love those moments! I'm rereading "I'd Rather Be in the Studio" and every page seems to hit me like that.

Orion Designs said...

Wow -- that paragraph sounds like it was definitely written with you in mind!

Tanya Bermudez said...

Thanks for the book recommendation! I am trying to find the daily enthusiasm to work on my Etsy store. I have the enthusiasm for the Art, but not for the business just yet LOL



Catherine Ivins said...

Yes Megan- I love that one and have had kapow moments with it, too!

Tanya- I'm not sure I would recommend that book/course yet- still working though it- I would definitely recommend her blog though!

- Cat :)

WhiteHotTruth said...

thanks for the love!