Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of July 24th - alice ... meet wonderland

alice in wonderland by needcaffine

MONDAY is a powerhouse kind of day.

Leo season is officially started - marked by the Sun's entry into Leo on Saturday and we won't have another Leo season like this ... ever!

Hello Alice meet Wonderland!

We wake up to the Leo Moon sextiling (opportunity) Jupiter (in Libra). Emotions expand. Partners will be looking for recognition and appreciation. So will we. Let's be generous. Let's be grateful for what we already have.

Venus (in multi-tasking, choice loving Gemini) opposes Saturn (still retrograde in Sagittarius).

Venus ruled - love, money, women, self-esteem, values, beauty - hit a wall (Saturn). There are limits (Saturn) to what we can attract (Venus) now. Maybe we are forced to be charming when we don't feel like it. Maybe we just want to be alone (Saturn) with our own thoughts (Gemini), but we are forced to be social (Libra). Maybe someone else (Venus) is tossing a wet blanket (Saturn) on us.

It could be that a less than satisfying (Venus) result (Saturn) is delivered now. With Venus set to square Chiron next week, there could be more painful stuff ahead. Ouch.

Remember that even as Saturn is forcing us to face some kind of limit it might not be as bad as it seems with so much Leo encouragement to go BIG - it could be a kind of counter-balance. Smart choices come with built-in restrictions - that's why we don't always make them! Stop signs, walls, or losses are par for the course and not because the smart choice is meant to curb our fun, happiness or freedom, but because smart choices have built in limits (Saturn!) - that's usually what makes them smart choices.

We don't get the good stuff in spite of the bad - we get the good stuff because of the bad! Two sides, same coin.

EXAMPLE FOR SCORPIO/ SCORPIO RISING - Venus opposing Saturn in your 8th house of other people's resources/values/skills means a clear financial or intimacy limit needs to be faced. Results could show up now related to your partner’s earnings/resources, taxes, debts, loans, inheritance, sex, death, rebirth, fertility. This week's opposition and next week's square to Chiron in the same space could mean a painful disconnect between what you want and what you have. This could connect back to this past spring's Venus retrograde.

We also have Mercury (in passionate Leo) trining (brakes off) Uranus (in Aries) on Monday. Mercury will be at the same degree of our big eclipse next month - so the breaking news/new idea now will tie in to that even bigger FRESH START.

Information/news/communication is sudden, liberating or inventive. Bright ideas will hit us right between the eyes. Our minds will be sharp with access to lightning fast, original thinking!

In the collective (as well as our individual lives) news will be unexpected.

Misuses of power will be called out this week. Lies will be called out. The reality police are on the job. Don't over-promise or over-commit now or we could get ourselves in trouble. With a crazy August ahead of us, if you don't need to make a life altering decision right now then don't - unless your heart is certain, then listen to your heart, but prepare for twists and turns.

Mercury is about to enter Virgo (a sign he rules) and then he will go retrograde (yes, the dreaded retrograde coming right smack in the middle of eclipse season!) and he will station direct (in early September) on the exact degree of the big Solar Eclipse in Leo next month, so whatever comes up now - it will tie in to eclipse season and all the revisions, reinventing we will be tasked with! Pay attention. Act I starts now -and it will be a doozy. Act II is scheduled for early September.

EXAMPLE FOR VIRGO/ VIRGO RISING - Mercury trining Uranus from your first house indicates that new idea, which might seem nuts to other people, is something you need to take a closer look at. Move toward whatever has caught your interest, knowing Mercury's upcoming retrograde and his tie-in with the eclipse energies means this won't be a fast or smooth process.

On Tuesday the Moon and Mercury both move into Virgo. This is good energy for organizing, paperwork, health issues, pet issues, day to day stuff. With Mercury in Virgo we will be more discriminating, more analytical, more careful with our words and more able to think things through.

On Wednesday, the Sun conjuncts Mars - plan to do something creative! We talked about this aspect last week - anytime a planet conjuncts Mars we get a fresh start with that planet. So something from the last Mars/Sun conjunction (mid June 2015, check your Facebook to see what was going on in your life if this time frame doesn't ring any bells) is ending and something new will begin to open up. Since Sunday's New Moon was conjunct Mars there could definitely be a connection to that. Passion, initiative, motivation (also anger) will be amped up, especially around Leo ruled romance, children, games, risk and our creative pursuits.

EXAMPLE FOR TAURUS/TAURUS RISING - the Sun is meeting up with Mars in your 4th house of home, family, home business, security. A cycle that started mid June 2015 has finished and you’ll be starting a brand new home/family chapter that involves assertively creating or going after what you want (have courage Taurus!) in terms of your security needs, appreciation and/or recognition within your home, home business goals and what YOU need to be happy within a family situation. It you want to move or change something in your home situation - well here's a fresh start toward that. This energy will be connected to Sunday's New Moon in Leo.

Creating what we want or going after what we want (including recognition and appreciation) will be driven by our daring and confidence. It takes daring and confidence just to say we want recognition and appreciation ... doesn't it?!

On Thursday morning the Moon enters Libra. This is good energy to be social, get out there and meet with people. The Moon will sextile the Sun at night - good date night!

On Friday, the Libra Moon conjuncts Jupiter in the afternoon - expansion via groups and partners - and squares Pluto in the evening - jealousy, manipulation, compulsion - not a good date night!

xo all


stregata said...

Cat - I have a big favour to ask. Could you possibly take a look at my sister's chart? I need some guidance as to how to help her. xo

DancingMooney said...

Oh my gosh I don't even know where to start...

We got a puppy. But she was the 5th dog we tried to adopt before things finally worked out. Long story. But we feel like we ended up with the perfect pup. :) She is definitely keeping our hands full.

My mom's boyfriend has been in the hospital for almost a month now. Started with a clot in his leg, and surgery. First surgery seemed to go okay but a week later he was back in the ICU and hasn't left since. They did a second surgery which was supposed to have been a success, but he now has an infection in his body they can't seem to locate or get under control, and can't seem to manage his pain levels either. They had talked about amputating his leg but now think he might not survive the surgery... so they are more or less saying, they've done everything they can do for him now. I am afraid he's not going to be with us much longer, and even more afraid for the days after when I'll need to be there for my mom. I hope I can be strong for her. They only started dating about 5 years ago, and he was the one, she finally found him... now this... so very heart breaking.

I'm also thinking about quitting soap again, but it doesn't really feel like quitting, it more feels like letting go. Realizing something that isn't profitable enough for me to keep spending the money on the supplies, and that I could put my resources and ideas into other things and potentially create something more sustainable. There were parts of that style of business I missed and enjoyed, but I think in the end, I've realized I am just trying to build a production style, creative business, and there are other ways to do that, than making soap. I am just ready for a change.

It's crazy to think I'm starting over 'again'... but hopefully this time with more knowledge in my bucket, and luck on my side. I'm really learning to pay attention to the details of things that are important... so much to think about...

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Renate - yes, surely! Do you know her birth info? - also let me know briefly what is happening and if you have any time frame when problems started or when certain issues came up for her, so I can look for patterns in case nothing jumps out at me

Oh no Janell - I am so sorry to hear about this. So heart breaking for your mom - maybe they will get a miracle! My father passed away from a clot in his leg following an injury, but he had reasons his body couldn't clear the infection - an alcohol diseased liver. You will definitely be able to be strong when you have to be. I see Leo is your 4th house of home and family and roots and where you come from and mother. So I guess this is where the Leo energy/eclipse story will go for you. You can be a lion in your home, so will be strong and brave enough to face whatever happens! xox

I don't think starting over is crazy - actually I think when we stop starting over we are probably busy dying instead of busy living - I always want to stick with things even when they aren't working anymore - change is good!

DancingMooney said...

Thanks Cat. The situation sounds the same actually... he's been sober for over 20 years but apparently was pretty hard on his body before then. It's all been slowly catching up to him lately and it just seems it's happened so fast.

Yeah, I've been sticking with things too. Trying to do them differently but still getting more of the same. Time to move on.

How is little Olive these days?


Catherine Ivins said...

Sorry to hear it is all happening so fast. My father's illness was very fast, too. Hopefully your mom's boyfriend will have a better outcome Janell.

Olive is ok. After her eye injury last fall she started to develop all the symptoms of Cushing's disease which we are familiar with from another dog we had, Ruby, who passed away from Cushing's.

I think it was from the steroids because Ruby was given steroids for Lymes and quickly developed Cushing's. We didn't give Olive steroids for Lyme's back when she had it because we knew what happened with Ruby. But with the eye injury the vet insisted on them and he was certain a couple weeks of steroids wouldn't cause any problems. I gave them to her against my better judgement ...

anyway some holistic meds have reduced most of the symptoms except the increased appetite, but I can control what she eats and she snacks on green beans throughout the day - she would have never eaten green beans before this! Mostly though she is ok - she is only 10, so hopefully we will get through this. She is definitely more tired this summer and feeling the stress of always feeling hungry - she has an old gray face now, but she can still run around and play when she really wants to :) xo

DancingMooney said...

Cat, we started giving our other dog (almost 11) Ester-C (non acidic vitamin C) for hip displasia, but it should also help support her immune system... I wonder if you can try that for Olive. Sarah is about 45lbs and she takes 2000mg per day, half with breakfast half with dinner. I buy the Solgar brand on Amazon, comes in a few sizes but we get the 1000mg pills and chop them in half, mix them into some wet food & kibble and she hardly notices they are there...

Catherine Ivins said...

Thanks Janell - I will order it tonight. xo