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outnumbered by dresew

We have the Sun (18 degrees Cancer) opposing Pluto (18 degrees Capricorn) today. This was exact last night.

This is ego vs power. Self destructive habits and self-sabotaging tendencies are activated. Egos get bruised. Physical things can break down.

It's a challenging aspect but can also offer us a burst of creative energy to accomplish what we need to do now.

To work this energy in a positive way we need to balance our creative energy (Sun) with collective resources (Pluto) - money, power, influence. Are we making enough money? Are we charging enough? Where is our power? Where is our influence? What are we really afraid of?

This can show us where/how we need more control in our own lives.

Today's opposition could mean an actual opposition to our plans. This could come in the form of other people's expectations of us or someone in power vetoing what we want to do.

The answers don't necessarily show up now, but the problems become more visible. Power games and power plays are likely. Deal with this stuff diplomatically. Channel that inner Libra.

Often (maybe always and certainly for stuff that shows up now with Pluto involved) the stuff out there is really the stuff in here needing to get out.

If we are viewing some person or situation as the BIG problem in our lives, like everything would be good if we got rid of them or that let's remember how this world actually works - this outer stuff is really disowned parts of ourselves. The outer stuff is always inner stuff. This stuff we don't want to look at within ourselves (like how we got ourselves into our current situation) is unconscious and perverts how we see each other and how we see what is really happening. And it doesn't mean the other person or situation is right/good/not a pain the ass just because we can see the ways we have helped create it.

But allowing ourselves to take responsibility in this way (not to beat ourselves up!) - even just a tiny little bit - allows us to know the fact of the situation which is that  

we have more control here than we think we do.

For now, though, we might have to sit a bit with the ways we don't .....

xo all

The Moon is in Aquarius this morning and trining (brakes off) Venus making this a good time for business because the public (Aquarius) will want (Venus) something. Good for harmony with women, too. By afternoon the same Aquarius Moon is opposing Mercury - so some potential for erratic communication or a public/group spat or challenging info. A good day to be out and about and sociable though.

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