Sun Square Uranus, Venus Inconjunct Pluto | shaken not stirred

shaken by tori-f
I accidentally set this post to go live at 8PM instead of 8AM. I guess my previous, more upbeat Mars in Leo post wanted a little more center stage airtime - how very Leo!


Today we have the Sun (in Cancer) squaring Uranus (in Aries) at 28 degrees. This could be disruptive.

Maybe a surprise situation or unexpected action (by someone else or by us) challenges or brings uncertainty to our security/stability or to a home/family situation.

Change directions too quickly and we could cause an accident, but this is good energy for a change in our appearance or the way we "shine" in the world. This is great energy to break out of a rut!

People will be restless and won't want to be pinned down. Today's stress/challenge could relate back to something from earlier in the week. Stay flexible.

We also have Venus (in Gemini) inconjunct a retrograde Pluto (in Capricorn) at 17 degrees. Our own choices and decisions regarding Venus ruled money, love, values, self-esteem or beauty situations could be contrary to whoever/whatever holds the power now.

Maybe something we thought/hoped we were finished with comes back around or maybe our "rehab" hits some roadblocks. Jealousy, manipulation, obsession, compulsion and power plays could cause issues within our relationships. Whatever the situation we are dealing with, if this transit is hitting our chart, the answers aren't easy and could be out of our hands for now ....

xo all

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