Mars/Pluto Opposition part ll - a conscious or unconscious battle for control

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On Saturday, Chiron stationed retrograde. Since he's retrograde for about 5 of every 12 months I honestly only pay attention to his stationing degrees. This year he stationed at 28 degrees Pisces. Since we have a very big eclipse happening in August at 28 degrees (this time in Leo) his station this weekend is probably worth noting.

Maybe some hurt (emotional and/or physical) gets revived now. On the other hand if we are going through something hurtful already, the retrograde period (thru early December) can create a bit of space that allows us to catch our breath. Chiron's placement in our natal chart (and he is a fairly new discovery so much is still being figured out and I don't pretend to have any/all the answers here) represents a place of significant wounding or sacrifice. So, the natal house will tell us the area of life the wounding has/will occur and the sign tells us how we will respond/work with it.

On Sunday, we have Mars (in Cancer) opposite Pluto (in Capricorn). Part I is HERE. Battle lines are drawn. And if you have natal planets or points around 18 degrees Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aries you will feel this energy strongest.

The T-Square we have been dealing with for the last month reaches its peak (this same degree will be activated at the Full Moon at the end of the week, so the story isn't over until it's over).

Mars in Cancer pushes us to take action regarding our security, home, family, country. It is protective energy but can also be a bit passive/aggressive. Pluto (who will always beat Mars in a head-to-head) in Capricorn uses his power to dislodge, transform or end whatever is excessively dependent (my guess would be a whole lot of thirty year old basement dwellers are being kicked to the curb now).

If we demand too much emotional control, we'll feel the boot, too. 

Those in control have the upper hand now and it may be easiest to see who is actually in control by whose hand comes out on top.

Mars is a fighter - he pushes and pushes even when the object he is pushing against is totally unmoveable. This isn't about giving up - really it isn't, but sometimes we need to know when to stop pushing ....

If there is a David vs Goliath story playing out in your life right now - I hope your money is on Goliath. If some situation is turning us into an unavoidable "David" it's time to keep a cool head. The stronger the punch we throw at Goliath, somehow the more we'll get hurt. Go figure.

Of course if we are working our Pluto well (a self-empowered David) ... we can remove Goliath (obstacle) with a flick of our little finger. Just sayin'.

Last week, we had Mercury (news, information, communication) opposite Pluto (transformation, sex, death, power, control, obsession, compulsion). In the collective we had news about - the top advisor to the Pope charged with sexual assault offenses, Trump's twitter war with the morning co-hosts at MSNBC, a scary NRA ad about clenched fists of truth, news about the sexual harassment culture in silicon valley, yada, yada.

Today's opposition is hitting both Trump's chart and the USA chart rather bigly. It takes all of us back to something from late October 2016. For Trump this would have been a couple weeks before he won the election. I have no idea what was happening with him then, could guess, but won't.

In our personal lives this is about power struggles and manipulation and even winning at any cost .....

My plan this week is to writes the dailies and a monthly forecast for July. This week will start and end with strong Pluto aspects - lots of energy and potential for conflicts - AND we have some wonderful aspects on Tuesday through Friday. We'll talk about the week as we move through it .. the sunshine is calling my name today!

 xo all

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