New Moon in Leo | time to set new intentions for what we are known for, our creative work, what we are prideful about

king of the lions by prudicast

Today's New Moon in Leo kicks off a very BIGLY Leo season. I have already talked about it HERE and HERE. We are going to be talking Leo, Leo, Leo for the next few weeks!

The New Moon slips in, plants the seed and pushes things forward. Are you ready?

Our natal Leo house is where we are meant to "shine" - this is where we create, take risks and are "recognized".

This "recognition" doesn't mean everyone is going to love what we are doing. But the stuff we are doing will stand out.

Following our heart is what we do for ourselves. This is a hard pill to swallow for many people (and of course, we can take this too far - some of the shadows of Leo are greed and approval chasing) - the idea that the most important things we do, the stuff that is true to our heart, is really all about us.

New Moons in fire signs like this (we only get 3 a year!) are enthusiastic and impulsive and starting now, within the next couple days, especially with a blank sheet of paper and an OPEN heart - enable the energies at play to work with us. 

Imagine the Gods and Goddesses rubbing their hands together excitedly, "OH! YES! NOW we've got a PROJECT!".

This fresh start will be about what we are known for, our creative work and what we value and are prideful about

What is the theme of your natal house activated by these energies?

That's your work space.

Where is 0 degrees LEO in your natal chart? Don't know? Email me or go to and print your chart for free.

If you have natal or progressed (remember the universe didn't stop moving the moment we were born) planets in fixed or fire signs at close to or on 0 degrees you will feel this New Moon the strongest. Anything ending now is standing in the way of what our heart really wants - let it go.


Let your heart guide you, forget logic with this one, clear your head, write what your heart wants not what you think you should write, write your intentions down by hand in script on a blank piece of paper, speak the words out loud, burn the paper - release your attention from these things knowing your intention is known

Life has heard you. 

Know these things are already yours.

xo all - back later with the weekly!

In the last post I linked to Marina's New Moon post about the energies at play during this particular Moon and how they might reflect "tribal shock" and "hive mind". I thought it made so much sense with last week's energies and the Sun leaving Cancer precisely before the New Moon. I felt the rightness of her words, but I didn't see it connecting to my own story.

Within just a few hours of linking to her post I found out my aunt - only family member left from my mother's generation, and only family older than me - had been moved across the country, away from my state, with her son and daughter in law without them telling anyone AND hubs had a big phone fight with his sister and told her to never call him again (in my family we'd be back on the phone within a week, but in his, the end very well could be the end and would leave him rather frozen out) ... families falling, drifting, breaking apart - there could be a familial part of our story that gets left behind as the new energy carries us into this brave, new Leo season ....

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