Mercury into Leo | creative self-expression, dramatic conversations, blowing our own horn, speaking from our heart

blow my horn by crilleb50

Mercury moves into Leo late this afternoon. Until Mercury moves on to Virgo on July 25th,  conversations will be more dramatic. Volumes will be set to HIGH. This is excellent energy for self-promotion and creative self-expression and speaking from our heart.

If you are a girl who likes things quiet, invest in some ear plugs - you are going to need them. 

Everyone will tell us what they are thinking and doing. Yes, our Facebook feed will explode. Leo loves an audience! Keep in mind that alot of things we will be listening to/talking about now could be exaggerated. 

Our Leo natal house (where is Leo in your natal chart?) wakes up with increased activity and requires more of our attention.

Leo is our fixed fire sign. People's positions, and we will hear all about them (!), will become louder and more entrenched.

No one will be changing anyone else's mind now. This is not the most cooperative energy, but it can often bring out the best in people. Mercury in Leo can be idealistic and enthusiastic.

The BIG picture will be easier to buy into while the tiny details get lost in the expression of big, powerful ideas. That's OK - we'll take care of the details when Mercury gets into Virgo at the end of the month.

For now, it's the time to think big, talk about what we want, get the word out about what we are doing. If there is something we want to take center stage with or "announce" to the public - this is the month. Think - loud and proud baby!

Some especially auspicious times could be:

July 7th when Mercury sextiles Venus  - our words/ideas/communications create opportunities for our money, values, self-esteem, beauty, love, women. July 14th - when Mercury sextiles Jupiter - opportunities for communication/ideas/words to create expansion, luck and growth - watch out for exaggerations though. July 19th when Mercury trines Saturn - roadblocks lifted, clear sailing regarding activities with authority, responsibility, structure, time. July 21st when Mercury conjuncts the North Node (our collective way forward) - words/conversations coming in that sync us up with or help to confirm our best, most simplest and happiest path forward. July 24th when Mercury trines Uranus - unexpected/surprising news that moves things forward - brakes off!

Note these dates are when the aspects are exact, but the energies are working together for a couple days before and after. That sextile to Venus is in play now!

xo all

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