Mercury Sextile Jupiter | positive thinking, making plans, releasing our words into the world

the prize of trust by shiny-shadows-art
Mercury (ideas, communication, words) sextiles (opportunity) Jupiter (expansion) at 14 degrees Leo (Mercury) and Libra (Jupiter).

The right words, said at the right time, can move mountains now.

This is good energy for planning our future - whether that means our next vacation or next big venture. Words are not just words - they connect us energetically with what we are seeking.

Don't be afraid to say out loud what you want. Put it in writing.

There is, of course, a fly in the ointment - we could imagine heaven as simply a space without flies!

At the same time both these planets are creating opportunities with each other's energies, both planets are inconjunct dreamy, drifting Neptune (strong but retrograde in Pisces).

Inconjuncts require adjustments and integration. It is pretty much summed up in the expression "between a rock and a hard place". So whatever opportunity the Mercury/Jupiter sextile is stirring up, it is not without complications. The key to working with inconjuncts (especially this one involving Neptune) is to use our INTUITION.

The three planets involved in today's aspect are forming a Yod (finger of God) - pointing at Neptune. In astrological speak - this is like the voice of God speaking to/through us. We have to trust our intuition (gut instinct, hunch) and integrate it into our life. This doesn't have to be some big ginormous thing but there is no standing on the sidelines here waiting for someone else to do it/say it for us.

With Jupiter, things can seem better or bigger or more important than they actually are and the inconjunct to Neptune shows the possibility of the whole thing drifting off-course.

It also shows the possibility of the sky's the limit possibilities here, too.

What does our gut say (and I hope we haven't been clouding it up with white flour and sugar!)? What does our heart want? Get quiet. Meditate. Pray for answers. Portals are open. Positive thinking - yes, positive meaning "certain" - goes a long way now. Stop imagining all the ways we are going to fail and start imagining things succeeding beyond our wildest dreams.

Today's energy can be used to make plans for the future, socialize, make new contacts and say the words we need to say trusting they will be heard by the people who need to hear them.

Make the words compassionate (be kind) and boundless (try to avoid setting too many rules and restrictions now) and the words will surely find their mark. Join with other people (Libra) now in an effort to make an impact beyond our own lives and we will surely make a big impact on our own life, too.

Trust, will play a HUGE part in this because it could appear that 1. we can't find the right words when we need them 2. no one is listening anyway 3. the more we focus, the more we drift off course 4. our memory fizzles 5. what we are saying/hearing isn't logical - we could have to move intuitively through any or all of this crap. 

If we've learned nothing else these past couple years we've learned that what is real is what we/others think is real. So what do we want to think?

I gave a presentation on Tuesday and after finishing I thought I kind of blew it. All I could think about was the stuff I had forgotten to say and the way I had let the questions kind of drift off course. And, I talked too fast. Being polished and professional matters to me (blog readers might be left scratching their heads at this one, but it is very true). I thought it important (and still do) to present kind of "spacey" information with my feet firmly planted on solid Earth.

I have realized over the past couple days though that people connected with what I was saying in different ways and that things had gone much better than I thought they did. It was actually the times I went a little rogue - due to memory lapses and not a plan to "just wing it" - that people connected more with what I was saying. They have asked me back to teach a series (and to speak a little slower). I'll post links when I have them.

Here's the way this Yod could impact us through our Pisces house - if you know what house 14 degrees Pisces falls in your natal chart - use the house allocations with the info below for best accuracy, otherwise check Sun and Ascendant signs:

ARIES (Pisces 12th house) - Yod energies point to something behind the scenes or a "secret" desire/want. Confusion could result between you and another person if your/their glasses are too rose tinted. Adjustments will be required.

TAURUS (Pisces 11th house) - Yod energies point to your friends and groups including online groups. Confusion could be the result of a disconnect between your big ideas and what other people are hearing you say. Your information could have to be adjusted in some way to allow everyone to 'buy in'.

GEMINI (Pisces 10th house) - Yod energies point to you career, responsibility, father and authority - it will be easy to lose sight of what you are really trying to do now. Confusion could result if someone says something that gets your hopes up, but actual results will vary. Stay grounded. Know your dreams will get you where you need to be but things might not come exactly as planned. The key to success here is staying focused on what you really want and need from the situation. 

CANCER (Pisces 9th house) Yod energies point to travel, education, politics, publishing, media, weddings, legal issues or what is foreign. There are adjustments required with what you want to happen here or what you are trying to do. Be especially cautious in commerce where things could be inflated - keep an eye on your benjamins. Instead of plunging forward, take a deep breath and think about what your real goals are here and if what you are hearing really makes sense. 

LEO (Pisces 8th house) Yod energies point to other people's resources - partner's income, debts, loans, taxes - death, birth, sex, fertility. Confusion could result if you want all the cards on the table now, but someone else is still holding their cards close to the vest. Maybe they (or you) want to pour pink paint on a problem and pretend it doesn't exist. Instead of plunging forward now with a loud voice, really hear what the other person is saying to you (or not saying) or what the situation has opened up. What is your intuition telling you is really going on?

VIRGO (Pisces 7th house) Yod energies point to partners and equal relationships. Confusion could result if you are projecting what you want to see on someone else (rather than what they are really offering) or they could be doing the same with you. Trust your gut about what is not being said now. The real issue is probably the thing no one is talking about. A portal is open for unconditional acceptance/love/appreciation now between equal partners if you are BOTH willing to be honest about what you really need from each other and what you are willing/able to contribute.  

LIBRA (Pisces 6th house) Yod energies point to your day to day activities, work, health, co-workers, pets. Confusion could result if your big ideas are not totally workable on an everyday basis. This doesn't mean you toss your big, bodacious ideas out the window, just that you have to make some adjustments to make it all work - it will be the adjustments themselves that create the opportunity here. Time is your friend. Work the problem. Let the things you can't work fall into/or out of place.

SCORPIO (Pisces 5th house) Yod energies point to a creative or romantic opportunity or an opportunity involving children. Something good is budding here, but confusion could result from things looking better than they actually are. Be sure you are not just hearing what you want to hear. It will be hard to tell solid fact from fantasy now, so double check what you are being told. You will know instinctively if something doesn't feel right. Don't disregard the feeling. Trust your gut.

SAGITTARIUS (Pisces 4th house) Yod energies point to home, family, mother, security, home business and ancestry. Your expansive plans in these areas might require an adjustment due to some kind of energy drain which could manifest as both a physical thing within your structure - infestation, leaks, structural damage, necessary things breaking down or not working properly and issues within what your structure holds - family or security problems that you or someone else has not been wanting to deal with or issues that have been buried. This issue and what is really at the base of it - ancestral story, family problem, real structure not attended to - needs to be integrated somehow. Work the problem. Fix the leak. Trust your instincts.

CAPRICORN (Pisces 3rd house) Yod energies point to your communication house - issues could also involve transportation, siblings or your local neighborhood. You will need to balance the actual facts you are dealing with and your own big dreams for the future. Words matter now. Choose them carefully. Be honest.

AQUARIUS (Pisces 2nd house) Yod energies point to your money or your personal values. There is the opportunity now to increase your earnings or your self-esteem. Some adjustment will be necessary though. The opportunity could come through someone foreign or involve media, publishing, travel, higher education, weddings, politics or legal issues. Keep your feet on the ground though, every rainbow doesn't lead to a pot of gold.

PISCES (Pisces 1st house) Yod energies point to your own dreams. Everything I wrote above about the disconnect between what you are saying (or want to say) and what others are hearing applies to you. The results will depend on your ability to integrate intuition and logic now. At the end of the day, everything will not be able to be worked out - some things will just need to be allowed to move in the direction they want to go ... trust the flow. You're a Pisces and we are dealing with your ruling planet Neptune - you've got this thing.

xo all


DancingMooney said...

Oh Cat! Standing up in front of a group is THE HARDEST thing for me to do. I always talk way too quickly as well... but I'm glad you feel like people connected with your points, and that you've been asked to come back. I'm sure it will get easier, I hope. :)

The last week or so has been stressful here, but we are getting through it. Things feel lighter and more uplifting today.

I am keeping the faith. :)

Blessings to you friend, and have a nice weekend.

Catherine Ivins said...

Ugh - it's terrible. If I know what I am talking about, am prepared and the group is somewhat familiar to me I am ok - this was outside my comfort zone and my brain seems to be on drugs lately - without the actual drugs. Plus I am totally out of practice. With many things these days actually!

It feels like we are all in this stressful space where what used to work doesn't really work anymore but the answers are not coming easy. I really think we just can't get there from here and we need some stuff to shift for all of us. Keep the faith - there is a gorgeous New Moon next weekend in Leo. It's some of the best energy of the year - should get lots of stuff moving.

Blessings to you and you have a wonderful weekend, too Janell! Glad things feel lighter today, this summer is flying! xo