the upcoming Mars/Pluto Opposition and more | pay attention to whatever you are dealing with on Friday and Saturday pt 1

16.365 by laauraa

We are building toward Mars (in Cancer) exact opposition with Pluto (in Capricorn) on Sunday then a week later immediately following a challenging Full Moon in Capricorn we will have the Sun opposing Pluto.

(I almost wrote - tighten your belt - but better advice would be to - loosen your belt - so you can breathe, the more room we give ourselves now to just breathe, the lighter the load on everyone)

Let's look at today's energy first. We have Mercury in this space (Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn) - I did a post about this yesterday HERE.  

The issues of family vs work could be at the center of whatever is happening. Or the power structure within the family or the familial structure within the workplace (outside world doesn't have to be paid work). 

Maybe a family secret has been revealed (what's that all about?). Maybe we have found ourselves talking over people or they are talking over us (what's that all about?). Maybe we are forced to agree to/with something (what's that all about?). Maybe we are the one forcing our point of view on someone else (what's that all about?).

If the emotion (anger, fear) within a conversation/communication is out of proportion to what is happening, think about what is really happening here - what is really being triggered. With oppositions we can't deal with something ourselves so we create (subconsciously) a situation outside ourselves to force us to deal with it.

Now Mercury (communications, conversation, ideas) gets this party started and moves on, to be replaced by Mars (action), who will be opposing Pluto by Sunday.

Then we will have the God of war opposing the God of the underworld. Pluto (the guy from down under and I'm not talking about Australia here) rules that deep stuff we buried long ago because we don't want to deal with it. In Capricorn he is working with power structures and security issues. Mars (the war guy) rules our passion, initiative, anger and violence. In Cancer he is working with family, home, country, roots, security themes.

Family problems (that might look like a fight with Verizon customer service - what is really being triggered when we are angered when made to wait, feel unseen, feel unheard, feel unappreciated), power struggles especially within groups that feel like family, security issues, childhood traumas will be unearthed, in uncomfortable ways

(I started to feel this energy last weekend and you might have felt it then, too, as these planets started to line up).

Friday and Saturday take note of what you are dealing with because Mars will be getting close enough to his exact opposition to Pluto to feel what this will all be about.

Collectively, this is hitting the U.S. and Trump's chart rather BIGLY. We'll talk about that, too.

We might be very determined to get something done now within some precise time-frame or in some precise way and stuff will line up to interfere with whatever we are trying to power through and force. Projects started many months ago will face stiff tests now. Manipulations will bite us in the ass. Enemies will be powerful. This is excellent energy to burn ourselves out or start a war we cannot win, so let's avoid that.

I think the best way to work with this kind of sustained pressure, especially with all this Cancer energy, is to take care of ourselves. Let some little stuff fall apart so the big stuff doesn't have to.

I'll write more about this tomorrow in Part ll - this energy is going to carry us through the Full Moon on July 9th and the Sun opposite Pluto on July 10th. Then the second week of July will be a much needed breather for most of us.  

xo all

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