Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 26th - high emotions, drama, itching for a fight ....

pillow fight by sliwka

Most of this week is about Mercury (words, ideas, communication, conversations, siblings, neighbors, transportation).

He squares Jupiter and trines Neptune on Tuesday. He conjuncts Mars on Wednesday and opposes Pluto on Thursday. Then we end the week on Sunday with the grand-daddy of "win at all costs" fight aspects when Mars opposes Pluto.

Things could go something like this:

Travel plans will be a mess. TAKE EXTRA CARE DRIVING. Words will be BIG and exaggerated. Conversations will be emotional. We could be over-confident or over-commit. Boundaries will be crossed. People will be competitive. We could be over-loaded with information. Words could be heated. We could jump to the wrong conclusion. We could be pushed to make a fast decision we regret later. There could be power plays. Take safety precautions as needed.

Things will feel urgent and that sense of urgency and impatience will make us come on stronger than we intended to - "Did he just say that? Yes, he did." If we have to convince someone of something - well, good luck with that. Maybe something began with Jupiterian positivity and some sense of adventure now becomes fertile grounds for arguments and anxiety. We will be challenged.

If we push, someone else will push back HARDER.

Chiron is going to station retrograde on Saturday triggering whatever vulnerability he is activating within our Pisces natal houses.

The week will end on Sunday with that dreaded opposition between Pluto in Capricorn (power, karma, transformation, security, structure, government) and Mars in Cancer (violence, anger, initiative, passion, war, home, country) that kind of kicks off this summer's volatility and potential for world and personal violence.

I don't mean to sound so negative. I'll write the dailies, look at the Moons and we'll dig in deep and find the good stuff. It's here somewhere. The Moon is in Leo on Monday and Tuesday which is great creative energy and it will hit that North Node in Leo at some point - we need to be working from our heart. And we are, right?

If you can schedule light this week do that. We'll get through it.

xo all

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