Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 5th - pretty much everything shifts

Lillium by Ginebra Siddal

This week really started on Sunday when Mars (action, initiative, anger, passion) moved into Cancer where he will hang his hat until July 20th. Mars is considered in his fall in Cancer.

This is because Mars can't be all Martian - fired up and passionate and out in the world testing his courage, running onto the battlefield thinking only of himself and how good it will feel to swing that sword - when he has these pesky emotional Cancerian things to contend with.

Things like feelings (it's harder to take the instinctive action he needs to take when he has to feel his way through what he is doing instead of just doing it). And home and family and security (harder to be putting himself first when he has a family depending on him and harder to fight most effectively when he needs to stay alive to come home at the end of the day).

This stuff can make Mars like a pot of hot water ready to boil over at any minute. Like the too-young father who wants to be out bar-hopping with his buds - he is trapped.

Collectively we will be more security and safety conscious. We will be more emotional. We could be more focused on home and family. We could be more patriotic. British Prime Minister Theresa May's announcement (following the London violence) that the internet needs to be regulated to prevent terrorism and that British values need to be established as superior is very Mars in Cancer (actions involving safety and patriotism). The murderers actions were at the very end of Mars in Gemini (violence involving transportation). Of course, I don't mean to imply these transits created these situations. This is just one piece of a very large puzzle.

Individually, our natal Cancer houses will experience more initiative, action, passion and anger. Where is Cancer in your natal chart? Wherever it is, Mars is not the usual way you deal with the things ruled by this house (unless of course, you have Mars there natally).

So, buckle up.

On Monday, the Moon is in Scorpio making us all a little moody and maybe a bit defensive. The Moon is trining (brakes off) Mars in the morning. This is good energy to tackle Scorpian and Cancer themes - home, family, real estate, renovations, other people's resources, taxes, research, debts, fertility issues, sex, death, birth. Both Cancer and Scorpio are water signs - sweating early in the day, or being near water could prevent tears (from being too emotional) later. This might sound crazy, but I'm a Cancer Moon with a Scorpio Rising and Neptune on my ascendant, and I think it works. Of course a good cry can be a good thing, too.

On Tuesday, the energy shifts. Venus comes home to Taurus and Mercury comes home to Gemini - I smell a HOME theme this week.

(and yes, I mean I actually smell it - what the hell is that thing growing legs in the back of your refrigerator?!)

Venus is uber comfy in Taurus, a sign she rules. She will be here until July 6th. Our money, relationships, self-esteem, dealings with women - can all benefit. We want beauty and harmony in our surroundings now. I'll write more in the dailies. The only drawbacks to Venus here is we tend to get a little lazy and a little too comfortable - also maybe a little too possessive and jealous since Taurus is a fixed sign and the polarity sign to Scorpio.

Taurus Suns and Taurus rising get more attractive now - both better looking (yes, this is a real thing) and able to attract what they want. Our own natal Taurus houses get more attractive, too! I don't see any challenging aspects with Venus while she is in Taurus - there is a sextile to Mars (opportunity through action or through a man) on the 9th and then a trine (brakes off) with Pluto on the 24th - another good aspect - we'll talk about these as we move through them.

Mercury is also uber comfortable in Gemini, a sign he rules. He is moving super-fast and will only be here for 15 days! This is a good time for improved communications, logic, short and to the point conversations, sibling interactions, short trips. community happenings, thinking on our feet, learning new things. If you have to take a test, try to take it before June 22nd.

Also note on Tuesday morning, the Moon (still in deep, moody and brooding Scorpio), is trining (brakes off) Neptune (in Pisces). This is excellent healing energy - especially good for healing old wounds. This could also be a time someone shows up to help us heal. Or we could be that healing energy for someone else.

On Wednesday, the Moon is void all day during work hours. This is not a good day to start something you want something to come of. This is not a good day to make a decision. Practiced, routine work is best.

The void ends with the Moon's move into Sagittarius at 6:59PM EST. This might turn our attention to legal issues, education, religion, foreign issues, grandchildren, travel, adventure or politics. The Moon is opposing mental Gemini - take care not to say something you might regret later - this is another good reason not to make any decisions today.

On Thursday, the Sagittarius Moon sextiles (opportunity) Jupiter (expansion) retrograde and preparing to station direct in Libra. This would be a good day for meetings and to be out and about and mixing it up with people. Thursday night the Moon is squaring Neptune (imagination, dreams, healing, addiction, escape) bringing some tension and stress to whatever is happening. We could be pressured to consider other people's feelings/needs and/or overcome some kind of limitation. Hidden issues or hidden agendas could be part of whatever is going on.

Friday is a BIG day. We have Venus sextile Mars - opportunities for men and women to work together or opportunities to take action on a creative project, financial or self-esteem issue. We have the Full Moon in Sagittarius peaking in the morning AND Jupiter stationing direct in Libra.

This Moon is challenging, but since Jupiter rules Sagittarius and so rules this Full Moon the challenges of this Moon are also BIG opportunities. The Moon is sandwiched between Saturn and Black Moon Lilith and squaring Neptune. And the Sun is adjusting to Pluto today. Did I say BIG day? I think I need to say BIGLY here. It's a BIGLY day.

This Full Moon is saying OK girlie girl, enough is enough here. This is your line in the sand. The spaces where we have been scattered or careless or unrooted (Gemini!) - the spaces we have pushed our luck or just been all over the place - those spaces are coming into a razor sharp focus here.

We are going to be pushed through the eye of that needle and we are going to be pushed through NAKED

(yes, due to those Hostess snack cakes that moved from our breadbox onto our hips last winter, we can't even take our favorite pair of Athleta capris with us).

None of our stories, lies, beliefs that are no longer needed, options that are just distracting us from what we really need to do - are going with us.  

Life is calling bullshit on our bullshit. Ideas, conversations, who we used to be, who we never were - whatever doesn't work anymore has to go. We are done with it. The eye of that needle is precise.

(my brother and sister-in-law's baby is due on the 24th but now that I wrote this I wonder if he is going to come closer to this Moon!)

This is VERY positive energy if we are ready to streamline whatever is going on, come clean, get real and truly focus. Are we ready for that? My head is throbbing just typing it. The Moon will then square Chiron and conjunct Saturn - this is about pressure making us into the diamonds we are meant to be. Yippee us.

Post to follow.

I am now going to eat a ridiculously large meal (I think I've lost 5 pounds sweating over this - I know you've lost 5 hours reading it), catch up on American Gods and get to bed early ... xo all


Judy said...

I love your blog! I googled for astrology and the Full Moon in Sag and discovered your forcast and your wonderful art! I hope it's okay to share on Facebook. ♥

Catherine Ivins said...

Thank you so much for your kind words Judy! Yes, feel free to share. xo Cat :)