Mercury Trine Jupiter, Mercury Square Neptune | words get BIG and slippery ....

2-52 by Sturmideenkind

Today Mercury (mind, ideas, communication, learning, teaching, siblings, local community, transportation) in Gemini is very busy and in typical Gemini fashion going in multiple directions at once.

He/she has a trine (brakes off) with a recently full-steam-ahead Jupiter (in relationship oriented Libra) making this a good time for expanded thinking, big ideas and brainstorming. Jupiter rules our 9th house of higher thinking, higher education, foreign (which means different things to different people) travel and things foreign to us, weddings, legal issues, politics.

We get lucky (Jupiter) when we expand beyond our immediate boundaries.

It's a good time to share information, to think BIGGER, to imagine the possibilities. This is about optimism and lucky breaks - maybe we get good news now or have good news to share!

BIG ideas are floating in the wind to be picked like apples in the autumn. If you think you are never having any good ideas - which is not true, but just something you have convinced yourself of and once you believe it you start seeing it (kind of like when you buy a blue car and never see blue cars and then suddenly they are everywhere) - then you need to get yourself into a position to make use of good ideas. Thoughts are things and they flow to the people in the best position to bring them to life and give them legs.

Quiet the mental chatter, do more stuff you want to do - the more we are doing things we are passionate about the more we will line up with things that enhance that passion - stretch your brain with new ideas, new books, new websites, travel. Make stuff. Put time into what matters to you.

Now, here's where the Gemini propensity to bounce around comes in because immediately after Mercury trines Jupiter (at 13 degrees) he moves to 14 degrees and squares Neptune. And these degrees are so close together they are pretty much happening at the same time.

That square to Neptune really muddles things up. With Neptune, more words can just mean more confusion. Maybe the information we get now blows in and then drifts away like a storm that never happens (which can be good news now that I think about it). Maybe the story we tell reaches the wrong ears. Maybe someone is intentionally misleading us with inflated information. Maybe we are the one doing the misleading. Maybe we are misleading ourselves.

So what do we do now?

Well, first know this is not good energy to make a decision because our thinking (Mercury) is not clear - and yes, this week is a time of decisions for many people AND Neptune is going retrograde at the end of the week (through November), which isn't going to help us. At some point we will have to move forward with our heart (North Node in Leo) and/or our courage (North Node in Leo) - probably still unsure of all the facts.

But for today, if you can avoid making any major decisions push it off a bit. Give Mercury a couple days to move off that square to Neptune (lies, delusion, drifting off course) and that trine to Jupiter (expansion, big picture thinking, rose colored expectations).

It doesn't mean whatever comes up now will drift off course or turn out to be all about nothing but with that possibility on the table it's not the day to bet the farm.

Grab your idea apple if you can reach it (it's Gemini season we are stretchy) - you can totally stand on tippy toes or use your step stool or even that ladder from the garage (Venus is in Taurus so we are working with our existing resources). Write ideas/conversations/thoughts down. Work with it a bit. Feel it out.

Just don't head down to Home Depot and spend thousands of dollars on a cherry picker to reach that perfect looking apple way up top. Leave that apple for someone else - it will either be there for the someone who already owns a cherry picker or the someone willing to fall on his ass. Our asses are cushy, but maybe not that cushy.

Yes, think BIG. Just keep in mind the possibility we are hearing what we want to hear now. Save the big moves (if we are basing them on information that comes in now), choices and life changing decisions for a clearer day.

xo all

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