Solstice | New Moon in Cancer part I - soaking the ground

fearless mother by zoran photo

In preparation for tomorrow night's impactful New Moon in Cancer - let's take a step back a little.

Yesterday's solstice was the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest night in the Southern Hemisphere. The Sun moved into the cardinal water sign of Cancer launching us into a new season.

Astrologically speaking, the energies at play portend quite a bit about the months ahead (and maybe that's too ominous a word to use now that I google it, but I feel the need to let it stay) - the relationship between the planets on any "start date" establish the energies/points the "venture" will be working with throughout its life, in this case the summer (winter down under) season.

We've had an exalted Taurus Moon joining with Venus (in Taurus) and trining nicely with Pluto (power, karma, transformation).

Back on planet Earth (as above, so below) Melania Trump, an Earth Mother Taurus Sun with a Moon and stellium in heavy duty Capricorn (authority) has moved into the White House

(a Cancer country, her child is moving in with her, she is the first First Lady since John Quincy Adams' wife Louisa to be born outside the U.S. - reminding me of the current Saturn - authority - in Sagittarius - foreign - and also reminding me of Louisa's connection to Andrew Jackson, but that's a post for another time!).

I called her an Earth Mother in an astrology group posting a couple weeks back and got my head chewed off people didn't like it.

I understand why, but Taurus rules all the resources on planet Earth including money. We have two astrological mothers - Cancer energy nurtures and protects, Taurus energy gives birth and feeds (provides resources). Ideally, mama needs to provide nurturing and protection AND she needs to provide food and comfort. It's not called the 'hardest job in the world' for nothing, people.

Melania's not the Earth Mother many would hope for, but she's placed in the highest office in the land (think of all her natal Capricorn and Venus's current trine to Pluto) - she is what we've got, so in ways we might not be able to see clearly right now she is what we need.

Another powerful woman, singer Beyonce, gave birth to twins just as the 'twin season' of Gemini ended. She had some beautiful Earth Mother photography done while pregnant. I don't know anything about her efforts on behalf of the Planet either, but it could be a more comfortable image for many people to work with.

What we are really seeing in both these stories - Melania's move and Beyonce's birth - is the archetypal journey from Taurus/Gemini into Cancer.

How is your own personal Cancerian story playing out?

Back later today with Part II.

NOTE - by this weekend we will have the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars in Cancer. That is an amazing amount of Cancer energy (and my brother's son is about to be born!). With July 2nd's powerful Mars/Pluto opposition it almost feels like we are soaking the ground in the hopes of preventing a fire from spreading out of control ....

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