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summer? by bestraw

We start the day with our early morning Moon opposing Saturn. We have this aspect every month that Saturn is in Sagittarius as the Moon lines up with its polarity sign in Gemini.

This can make sharing our emotions more difficult. We might be feeling more stubborn than usual or feeling the weight of pressing obligations. Issues with authority or our own responsibility could create opposing viewpoints or needs.

By late afternoon the Moon is sextiling Uranus providing opportunities to get ahead by making us more aware of what other people are thinking. 

Yes, we can read minds this afternoon (and yes, I will be thinking about a glass of iced tea right about then ... and George Clooney, yes, I'll be thinking about him, too - damn, you're good - although actually I'm not really feeling George anymore I've lost all my celebrity crushes now ... sniffle).

Unusual or out of the blue communications can go well or feel good.

The Moon goes void (2:45 PM EDT) after that sextile and a square to Chiron making the late afternoon an excellent time for release and meditation. Call it a day early. Unclutter. Organize.

When the Moon goes void after a couple days in noisy Gemini we will likely be feeling the need for some peace and quiet. It's a good time to ask, through prayer, to be released from any negative emotional impressions and dreams of the past that are no longer needed. The ancestors don't need us to carry this stuff anymore. It's usefulness to us is over. We have just grown used to carrying it!

Tonight we get a fresh new beginning with family drama/karma with a New Moon in Cancer

(we will have the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars all in Cancer - so all the personal planets except Venus!).

It's a time to honor and celebrate the heritage we do want to carry forward and 'think about/take action with' the new story we will pass to the next generation (and you do not have to have biological children to pass things to the next generation!).

Venus (in earthy Taurus) continues to trine (brakes off) powerful Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect is exact tomorrow. Prosperity and empowerment come from reworking those connections with other people.

Mars (in Cancer) is squaring Jupiter (in Libra). This could take us from confident and bold to shameless and pushy in zero to sixty. Check any impulses to let others know how wonderful we are for a couple more days - it will probably work out better for us then (or the urge will fade or they'll figure it out for themselves).

On the other hand if we really do need to be a courageous super-hero (especially when serving as protector of something vulnerable), the energy is here to assist us.

All these influences impact tonight's New Moon portal.

Cancerian strengths of family building, traditional wisdom, homemaking, compassion, business and structural savvy plus the ability to create a warm and nurturing space for ourselves and others are heightened for the next couple weeks and projects launched within these themes will continue to grow for at least the next six months. 

It will be easier to connect with our emotional needs now.

At 10:30PM EDT the Moon connects with the Sun in Cancer (New Moon). Our monthly creativity peaks and this month is focused on home and family (familial ties). Stability and security matter. Nurturing and comfort matter. 

The closest aspect to the New Moon is that trine from Venus to Pluto which is an excellent one. This Moon can deliver whatever we ask of it ... so let's ask.

xo all

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