Venus Trine Saturn | our seriousness attracts - get down to business

hat and houses by ankazhuravleva

June is power packed. Venus's winter/spring retrograde and last month's Venus/Pluto square has finally finished digging through our relationship/money issues. The cards are on the table as they say. 

The Mars/Saturn square "stop and go" frustration is about to be completely in our rearview mirror. And even with things in our rear view mirror being "closer than they appear" - this transit is going bye-bye fast.

Jupiter (in Libra) is about to turn direct (YAY) and Neptune (a little too strong in Pisces) is about to turn retrograde (YAY).

Starting tomorrow Venus (love, money, women, self-esteem, what we value) will be sitting with Uranus (anything can happen) in Aries (initiative, passion, action) for the next few days and then Venus finally moves into Taurus (ruler of our 2nd house of money and self-esteem), a sign she RULES.

We will talk about this more tomorrow because she has a serious aspect with Saturn today that is the first part of her (our) June journey.

Keep in mind alot of people are getting what they deserve now. I am talking here about our "self-esteem" and not some universal judgement that you get this and I get that. Our self-esteem can raise us out of very dark situations. It can also limit us and sabotage us when we get too close to our upper limit. The Venus retrograde period, maybe especially the month of April, showed us what we really value. Our relationships with love and money were tested. We are left with what we really feel we deserve. Want more? Want better? Want to hold on to what you have? Well, the wheel spins again. It is never too late to be happy.

Today, Venus (in Aries) is trining (brakes off) Saturn (retrograde in Sagittarius).

Venus is how we attract what we want. With Saturn easing off the brake pedal - know the way forward with this next spin of the wheel will involve some Saturnian discipline. Saturn rules hard work and time and responsibility. Our progress with that creative goal is going to require PATIENCE. The things we take seriously will be supported. Hard work will pay off.

We need to become the energy of the thing/situation/person we are looking to attract. Like attracts like. Otherwise we just attract that missing piece - someone/situation/thing - to play that missing part (archetype).

When we step into that missing role/responsibility ourselves (do our Saturn!) by doing what we came to do, valuing time, practicing patience, working hard - instead of attracting outer Saturnian influences - ie the stop sign, the authority who says no, the lack of resources that stand in our way, the rules - there will be no space for that outer Saturn to hole up - he will just pass us by and nothing will be standing in our way!

For today - it's the time to be thinking and acting on - what do I need to get serious about to get what I want? Am I really serious about this project? Am I really serious about my money situation? Am I really serious about having more love in my life? Remember we have the North Node in Leo now - the world needs our brave heart to SHOW UP.

Life responds to (ie we become more attractive through) our seriousness today. Grow up. Get down to business. Tie your hair back, sharpen your pencil and get to work.

xo all

(today is also our first quarter Moon and the Moon is in practical Virgo making this a good time to - do the practical thing, organize, practice our skills, be of service to someone else, do not allow a situation's inability to attain perfection - highly over-rated and impossible anyway - to keep us stuck)

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