Mercury Trine Pluto | Mars Trine North Node and Sextile South Node - words are our superpower

Imagine a Dream by Benjamin Haley

The Moon is void until 12:16PM EST so this could be a good morning to sleep in. Too late for me, I've been wide-eyed since 3 a.m. - yikes!

After its void, the Moon moves into organized Virgo, so good energy for paperwork, day to day issues, taking care of our health, pets and service to others.

With Mars making nice with the Nodes of destiny today, this is another good day to take action. The Aquarius/Leo polarity has us stepping away from 'group think' (usually not the actual group), emotional detachment and anything too trendy. There is support and smoothest sailing for actions toward our heart's calling and the space we are meant to shine - where is Leo is your natal chart? Where is your Sun? What action can you take to step onto the main stage of your own life? How can you be uniquely yourself? The world is calling!

Mercury (in Taurus) is trining (brakes off) Pluto (retrograde in Capricorn). This aspect allows Mercury in Taurus's already thorough communication/thinking/ideas to really go deep. With Pluto retrograde this could involve an old situation.

If something needs to be researched - this is your day. If an important email needs to be written/sent - this is your day (wait for that Virgo Moon after lunch though if you need something to come of it). If you need to be convincing (avoid manipulation - stick with the facts) - this is your day. If you need to communicate with powerful people or step into your own power role via communication - this is your day.

Words are powerful now, so choose them carefully. They really can move mountains.

xo all

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