Mercury Direct in Aries | answers

the way we come undone by vampire-zombie

Mercury stations direct today at 24 degrees Aries. Normally he/she takes a little time to get going, but being in Aries and conjunct Uranus, whatever has been stalled could start moving forward very quickly. News can be sudden and unexpected. Announcements will take us by surprise. Answers come now.

If we have been fence-sitting about something the pressure will increase to make a decision or circumstances will conspire to make it for us.

Now is the time to apply what we have learned over the past few weeks. So what have we learned over the past few weeks?

We are likely still dealing with an old situation (or something that stalled around April 9th), Mercury isn't covering totally new territory until May 22nd, but the momentum now will be on moving forward with it.

Mercury is direct and within 1 degree of change-maker Uranus and we have the first quarter Moon in Leo - if you have a new idea now or are given new information, you probably want to run with it.

All the personal planets are direct for the first time this year - it took us 1/3 of the year to get here, but here we are. Forward, ho.

xo all (drive safely and take extra care with fire and power tools)

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