Grand Fire Trine KITE | up first ... Mars opposes Saturn, limits

waiting for wind by Pis 7li

I didn't get a chance to write a weekly yesterday, but dailies will probably work better this week anyway since we have a rare Kite formation in the skies now. A Kite is a Grand Trine (this one is a Grand Fire Trine) with a planet at the end (Mars). Since Mars is at the top of the Kite (the focal point of all of this) we will track him as the week moves along.

Kites present lots of opportunity but the energy can be fairly easy to squander - we'll keep our "eye on the prize" by tracking Mars as we move through this one!

There is opportunity here so make the MOST of the things that come up.

We start the week with that opposition between Mars (in Gemini) and Saturn (in Sagittarius) that we talked about last week hitting its exact degree. Saturn is the stop sign. Mars, in multi-tasking Gemini, has multiple choices, but they are choices we are forced (Saturn) to deal with. With Saturn it is always about doing the work and living up to our responsibilities - nothing else really matters to Saturn. 

We have Mars wanting to go wide in "all-over-the-place" Gemini and a retrograde Saturn requiring us (Saturn always wins here) to go deep. 

There is a "what we resist persists" angle to whatever is happening. Mars (anger, energy, initiative) is restricted somehow. Maybe we want to do this thing, but we haven't yet finished this other thing and we have to finish that first. Maybe something is stop and go. Maybe we have to control our impulses (and temper). There are limits.

The only way through this is doing what we have to do, doing our Saturn - trust me on this one - I have this opposition in my natal chart. Saturn always wins. Take responsible (Saturn) action (Mars) with whatever comes up now.

This could also be a finish line (of sorts) where medals are given out for the work we have done and for the work we should have done we see the medals go in other directions ... we could have felt most of this last week or it could play out more this week.

After getting past Saturn (the end is never really the end) Mars will sextile (opportunity) Uranus (unexpected) then trine the South Node in Aquarius and sextile the North Node in Leo, then Venus (the other part of this Kite) trines (brakes off) Saturn, then Mars squares Chiron (ouch) then Venus conjuncts Uranus trining the North Node. This all happens between now and Saturday!

AND then Mars moves into touchy-feely security conscious Cancer and we start feeling every move we make - this can be challenging for action oriented people.

I'll flesh this out more tomorrow. Our annual Memorial Day parade - the one I was sure would be rained out and so didn't prepare for - is back on and I need to clean my house!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - we are taking action - it's all about MARS. There is some outside opposition, some limits, what we resist persists. Wednesday is also about MERCURY - communication, ideas, making connections. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are all about VENUS - love, money, self-esteem, women, cooperation, balance.

And this all ties together (that Kite) as we get ready to fly!

xo all - back, tomorrow, enjoy your day!

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