Mars Sextile Uranus | unusual actions can pay off ....

the biggest risk by xetobyte

Today Mars (action, initiative) makes nice with "out-of-the-box" Uranus.  

Unexpected actions create opportunity (sextile).

Mars is always testing his courage (ask your Aries friends about this - also check the Aries house in your natal chart to see where you are required to be brave in this lifetime).

Left all to himself, Mars would likely move us from the frying pan into the fire again and again. Life would be exciting and ... probably very short. Even fiery people with lots of Martian energy have other planetary placements to cool things down.

This week, with Mars sitting at the head of the Kite I wrote about HERE - we are all sort of leading with this energy. If something felt a little bit too risky last week, this could be the week when taking action will pay off. This doesn't have to be some gigantic move (although for some it will be).

Others will be taking action, too, that creates opportunities for them. Keep this in mind. Mars is a personal planet - our future is in our own hands with this one.

And remember we still have the Mars/Saturn opposition I've talked about since last week - us pushing against limits or outside energy pushing our limits - we have this opposition every 2 1/2 years and can feel it for a couple weeks. We have one more week to be working with this challenging energy.

Today's sextile could be an opportunity to help us with this. Maybe the answer to whatever is limiting us (or to whatever situation is pushing our limits) can be found "outside-the-box". Try something different. Take a new action.

This is excellent problem solving energy!

Here's a word salad to stir your brain into action today (note this will not replace your green salad lunch) : Mars - initiative, action, anger, fire (take care with fire today, the world doesn't need our explosive anger either), passion, drive, determination, aggression, confidence, young male energy and Uranus - rebellious, unexpected, sudden, the internet, groups, invention, surprise, disruption, liberation, freedom.

Besides that Kite, we also have the Sun sextiling Vesta today - this one is about trusting and honoring ourselves; holding our own lives sacred. There is also opportunity (sextile) here and this aspect fits in nicely with the Kite's energy today.

Today's energy isn't about talking ourselves into something risky, or putting ourselves in danger. Yes, we might meet a handsome nurse at the hospital, but we'll still be in the hospital. We are not all Mars, we have other planetary energies to help us navigate this.

This is about having the courage to test our courage somehow.

It is 'feel the fear and do it anyway' energy. The test isn't about the outcome. With Mars, the test never is. It's about having the courage to take the test in the first place. If we act - we win. Our courage muscles are bigger for next time and we know from the sextiles now (opportunities) if our actions appear to fall flat - there is something opportunistic that comes from facing our fear and moving forward.

Just keep the action within a range that is most likely to avoid hospitalization (unless you really, really want to meet that handsome nurse).

We also have Mercury (communication, conversation, ideas) trining (brakes off) Juno (partnership). This is good energy to have that conversation you need to have with a partner. There is agreement here. This is the energy to come together through our words.

Which brings us back full circle to that handsome nurse ..... good luck! xo all


stregata said...

Cat - may I ask you to check where Mars is challenging me in my chart? If you have the time...? Hoping you are well and life is summertime easy. xo

Catherine Ivins said...

Ok, happy to look Renate! MARS is running through your 8th house of other people's resources, death, rebirth. There could be some challenging moments involving debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, or physical/emotional intimacy. Maybe some kind of reality check about what you owe, what you can’t have, or what someone else won’t give you. But paying attention to those boundaries, or paying what you owe/tightening up your financial situation, will work STRONGLY in your favor quicker than you can imagine. Your work, future goals, health, and even stuff behind the scenes and hidden goals can all benefit from increased discipline and accepting reality. It could be you need to be the one who sets the boundaries for someone else, but this can be tricky. The good news - an increased effort on your part can uncover hidden reservoirs of strength or money.

Aspects to SUN/CERES in the same house suggest possible lack of boundaries somewhere. Wanting to look after someone, or spend/invest, will be rooted in the best of intentions. But make sure the other person wants what you want. Or, make sure you can really afford what you think you are willing to pay/commit to. Issues with children or fears of loss could be pronounced.

When MARS changes signs into Cancer on Sunday he enters your house of opportunities so get ready for your things to accelerate, perhaps abruptly. You may be setting off in a totally new direction, but that sense of adventure and possibility can only work in your favor. Maybe travel or education, legal matters or publishing could be what is energized. Hope something here helps. xo it is still mostly cold and gloomy here, but it looks like in a couple weeks things will really warm up! hope all is well with you Renate!

stregata said...

Thank you so much, Cat! I think this ties in with my worries about my sister, who is in deep s**t financially.
Hoping the sun will shine on you soon.
Thank you so much for your continued help and support, from the botton of my heart. xo

Catherine Ivins said...

You are welcome Renate - a sibling would make perfect sense because Mars is in Gemini and Gemini rules siblings. xo