Mercury back into Taurus with the North Node in Leo | well thought out decisions, plain language that speaks from the heart

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Mercury first moved into Taurus on March 31st. Then on April 9th, he stationed retrograde and started backtracking. He backtracked from Taurus into Aries until he stationed direct on May 3rd (still in Aries). He has been moving forward since then and today gets back into Taurus. He will start covering totally new ground on Sunday - remember he is still covering ground he walked before April 9th.

(and I'm throwing in all these dates, not to be confusing, but in case they ring any bells - jingle bells, church bells, bicycle bells, doorbells, cowbells, wedding bells - you get the idea)

Just imagine you are walking somewhere and you stop walking. You turn around and begin walking back the way you came. Then after a time you stop again and turn back around and walk forward again - back the way you were going in the first place. You can visualize that you will be covering ground you walked before for awhile until you get back to where you turned around in the first place. Simple, right?

Most people think of Mercury retrograde as the time he is backtracking, but the story is LARGER than that - his journey (inside us) actually takes us over situations and issues 3 times - we go forward, we go backward (doing the "re's") and then forward for one final time after we've had time to re-access, re-examine (whatever the situation calls for) whatever is happening.

This retrograde was in our Taurus/Aries natal houses. So some situation in our Aries house (since he moves into Taurus today and won't return to Aries for almost two years) is finished. 

Maybe it untangled with a bang when Mercury hit Uranus last Tuesday (and we'll know by the end of this week what all that was about!) but we might feel it now. Or maybe we'll feel it this weekend when Mercury finally starts covering new territory.

Now, for some people, with planets and points within the degrees Mercury traveled, this will be a big situation resolving itself in some way. For other people, they won't be able to put their finger on exactly what this has been about for them, but the retrograde has still worked its magic in smaller ways this time (not every retrograde is uber-important for every person).

The tricky part for us is Venus has been working her own retrograde story (within us) in almost the same spaces in our charts at almost the same time - this one involving a love and/or money situation.

The Venus story was about us figuring out what we really value now. It wraps now with our decisions and those decisions carry us into our next chapter.

In the meantime the North Node has shifted into Leo, so it's like the spaces Mercury and Venus come to at the end of their journeys are not the same spaces they left behind when they turned around.

We are all in uncharted territory. Even if our life, from the outside, looks exactly the same as it did back in January, everything has actually shifted because we are not the same people we were then and we are not on the same road anymore. This might sound overly dramatic, but I am actually under-reporting this! 

And we still have Saturn and Jupiter retrograde ...

Anyhoo, back to Mercury. He moves back into grounded Taurus now. This slows down communications and conversations and our thinking. That's OK. Snap decisions will be less snappy.

(snaps are highly over-rated anyway, am I right seamstresses, aren't buttons more practical?)

Those monkeys in our brain will quiet down now if we allow them to - imagine them quietly hanging in a tree, eating their bananas and watching the sunset. Maybe they eat so many bananas they tumble to the ground in a banana coma for the next few weeks - imagine whatever it takes to quiet those chatterers. They will not do us any good now. They are not needed. And don't worry about the little fellows, they will wake up as soon as Mercury moves into fast moving Gemini on June 6th. Until then, they nap.

Mercury in Taurus is the time to mentally recharge our batteries. Practical language will get our point across better than long winded sentences now. 

Here's my original post about this transit, just skip over the retrograde stuff. 

If something from the end of March comes back around now - we are better equipped to deal with it than we were then. We have thought it through. Our decisions can be made from this new grounded space where we are following our heart.

Remember that Leo North Node - communicate from your heart. If it doesn't work for us it doesn't work for anyone else either. xo all

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