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What you’re missing is that the path itself changes you.
 ... Julien Smith, The Flinch

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I didn't get the weekly written yesterday - not with all that "feet on the ottoman, being handfed grapes and fanned with the Sunday paper" style adoration I was receiving for Mother's Day (ahem).

I have a monthly look ahead a few posts back that covers this week a bit if you simply must peek today. And we'll do dailies. This is another big week. It doesn't seem right to just throw something up!

This is the week Venus (in Aries) finally hits new territory - we'll feel it! She is opposing Jupiter (retrograde in Libra) all week. The Sun is still in Taurus. Mercury moves back into Taurus tomorrow. Enjoy the Taurus folks! You don't want to rush it.

For today the Moon is in hardworking Capricorn. It has a closing square to Uranus and is then void tomorrow from approx 6:30AM to 2PM (any Uranus style surprises today won't amount to anything in the long run since they take us to that Void Moon tomorrow - also don't launch anything tomorrow morning that you need to amount to anything).

Today we need to be responsible. Hard work pays off. Keep the focus on goals and career. Do the right thing. Don't expect to be coddled now. Don't count on being let off the hook. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and he's stone cold sober.

Remember when we were kids and thought Santa was watching us in those days before Christmas - well that's the way to feel about Saturn during each month's Capricorn Moon!

The Capricorn energy could have us dealing with authority figures and stepping into our own authority. The early part of the day is flavored by Gemini - talks, meetings, sales, siblings, transportation, communication, emails. Later on the day is flavored by Pluto - deep emotions, transformation - maybe we just clean that hall closet. Stuff is purged.

xo all - back tomorrow - enjoy your Monday, another rockin' and rollin' week ahead!

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DancingMooney said...

I'm definitely feeling like doing some spring cleaning today. So glad you had all that feet on the couch grape feeding, thing, going on yesterday. You deserve it. :)