Mars Trine Jupiter | no guts, no glory

Mars (in Gemini) trines (brakes off) Jupiter (retrograde in Libra) at 14 degrees.

Trines are easy aspects between planets and points. Things fall into place. Things work together.

Mars (action, independence, courage) trining Jupiter (expansion, luck) is a time when action makes us lucky. With Mars in Gemini and in mutual reception to Mercury (ruler of Gemini) in Aries (ruled by Mars) it could be our words that need to be bold. Humor works, too.

With Jupiter it is easy for things to be exaggerated - to look better than they are - but that's OK. Even if the light at the end of the tunnel is a train (it isn't) we can still use the light to see what's coming and get out of the way. It's the action that creates the win not the situation.

This is stable momentum we can use to move ourselves forward. Remember Jupiter is still retrograde in partnership oriented and balance loving Libra and Gemini offers multiple options and could scatter our energies - we need to focus. There is one best way forward now.

Instead of casting a wider net, we'll be better off spear fishing (and I don't like my analogy so much here, but I think it drives home the point - ouch). Get specific and take action.

Don't be afraid to try something new that is calling to your heart - yesterday's transit is still in play but now we add a little Jupiterian erergy and enthusiasm - "bigger is better" "do I feel lucky?" - action into the mix.

Be confident. We got this thing. xo all

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