Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 1st - stuff gets freed up

sometimes I think I can see by vampire-zombie

Good-bye "confused, stalled and month we spent all our time looking in the rearview mirror" April. May will provide some welcome energy to get us moving forward.

On Monday, the Moon is in security-oriented and moody Cancer and interacting with our ongoing T-Square. There could be a focus on home, family or real estate.

We continue to have Mercury (communications, conversations, information, thinking) conjunct "anything-can-happen" Uranus. So expect the unexpected for a few more days. If something "out of the blue" hits now our emotions could be all over the place, especially if the news is about a potential impact to our security.

The trine to stabilizing Saturn makes me think the news will be beneficial in the long run (even if it doesn't look that way now - although it might be good from the get-go) or will shore up our structure or bottom line somehow.

We are still in the energy of lightning bolt flashes of genius for the next couple weeks. Remember the idea/thought 'flows to/evolves through' the person/situation best lining up with the energy needed to make it "real". What are we lining up with these days - hint what are we valuing - ie giving our time, money and attention to?

Moon goes void at 4:23PM EST thru midnight. The rest of the week is clear of Void Moons (EST) during work hours.

On Tuesday, the Moon moves into passionate Leo. This is great, fast-moving energy for creativity, playing, interacting with children,

(notice how many times adults "tease" children and think they are "playing" with them - I used to catch myself doing this, too - sometimes I think if we could stop just this one thing we could change the world in one generation or maybe one week since the adult's energy would have to shift)

romance and fun. People will be expressing what they want now. The potential continues for unexpected news and new ways of thinking.

On Wednesday, Mercury stations direct. He will be pretty much standing still all week and very powerful. Post to follow. He won't be covering brand new territory until about the 3rd week of May, but it will still be the first time all year we have all the personal planets - Mercury, Venus and Mars - moving forward at the same time! Whatever has been held up since April 9th will be freed up (likely very quickly). This could already be happening. In Aries, answers, words and situations will be as blunt as they need to be.

Also on Wednesday, the Sun (in Taurus) sextiles (opportunity) Neptune (in Pisces) then on Friday inconjuncts (challenge) Jupiter (retrograde in Libra).

So from Wednesday through Friday - we have a Yod (finger of God) focused on Jupiter - planet of expansion and opportunity (also the energy of getting our hopes too high). Events will conspire to have us focusing on that Jupiter (what house is home to your natal Libra? I ran through some sign themes HERE) like a laser beam. Jupiter is still retrograde, so it is best to go deep rather than wide with this one. We'll talk about this later in the week.

A heads up that the energy from late June to late July will be explosive.

May isn't smooth sailing either so we need to take advantage of every opportunity now to get our ducks in a row. It's Taurus season - focus on what you already own and shoring that up. Get out in nature. Cook something. What can you do to make yourself more comfortable, to create more ease, more value?

We still have that Virgo North Node (for only a few more days!) - small things are big things. 

For example: if we value our time we won't waste it. Put the car keys back. Put them where your muscle memory most naturally wants to put them. So, let's say you've bought an adorable key holder for the wall by the front door, but you most naturally toss the keys on the coffee table. Stop trying to force yourself to use that adorable rack - yes, it's cute, but it doesn't create ease or comfort. Hang something else there and find an equally adorable bowl for the coffee table. Keys go in there.

Imagine you are Michael Jordan, shooting a free throw and it's the last quarter. Yes, you get to imagine cheering crowds and all that jazz, OF COURSE. Consistency is needed. You still have to put the keys in the bowl every time. But you can because you are Michael 'freakin' Jordon.

You aren't searching for your keys anymore. Your life gets more comfortable. You value time and TIME VALUES YOU RIGHT BACK. It gets more stretchy. It's a win-win. Make it easy and then just do it. And now I am imagining Michael Jordan's sneakers. W.T.H.

What we value - ie give our time, attention and money to MATTERS. The stuff we seek is seeking us - let's get serious about clearing up the crap standing in its way. xo all

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