Full Moon in Scorpio | truth bomb

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Late last night we had the final, of three, meetings between Uranus (sudden, unexpected, liberating) and Mercury (news, communication, information).

So here is the truth we haven't wanted to look at. And now we have to. The first of these meetings was on March 26th, so whatever is revealed now will relate back to that time frame.

(for those following U.S. politics, remember what I've said before - Uranus is Trump - #funny #notfunny)

Uranus's conjunction will make today's Full Moon in Scorpio even more illuminating.

Remember what Full Moons do - they bring something to light, they bring something to a conclusion.

At the same time Scorpio's ruler Pluto (in Capricorn) is trining the Sun (in Taurus). Trines take the brakes off - so whatever has been holding something back is removed. This could be a good thing if we are trying to move forward with something and a not so good thing if we have something to hide.

Scorpio Full Moons are excellent times for deep intimacy. They can also be painful - but know we are strong enough to face any truth/culmination that is revealed now. We have been prepared for it. The pain makes sure it gets our attention and that it evolves us - but let's not get stuck in it. Even pain can be comforting in its own warped way if it is familiar. So let's keep moving. We are strong enough to put down the false (but maybe comfortable) narrative we have been carrying. Our burden lightens.

Juno has stationed retrograde, just yesterday, right next to Pluto - loyalties are shifting, commitments are up for re-evaluation, power dynamics within relationships are tested.

Scorpio rules the 8th house of other people's resources. What does that make you think about now? This is Taurus season - all about what we own. This Full Moon shines a spotlight on what really belongs to us and what doesn't.

Scorpio rules deep transformation - what needs to shift? If you have planets or points near 20 degrees Scorpio, Taurus, Leo or Aquarius you will probably feel this Full Moon energy the most. Resolve to be strong. There is a "meant to be" quality with the way this is all unfolding. Trust it.

For everyone - get outside and walk in it. This is excellent energy for things to come unstuck.

xo all

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