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Today and tomorrow we are dealing with multiple inconjuncts. What are those song lyrics "the stars are stacked against you girl - get back in bed" - well that fits pretty well.

We have Saturn inconjunct the Sun, Chiron inconjunct the North Node, Jupiter inconjunct Neptune, Pluto inconjunct Mars and Juno inconjunct Mars. Inconjuncts represent crisis. Now remember crisis is both danger and opportunity. This is how we grow. Whatever we are dealing with here and obviously with so many crisis points at the same time many people will be affected and some will be dealing with multiple things - it will probably be best to let things be the way they are going to be.

Slow things down.

These are transits - they will pass. Big shifts coming on Friday and through the weekend!

We have Mercury in Taurus and the Sun in the late degrees of Taurus - it's time for a few deep breaths. Like, quite a few deep breaths. Like we'll turn ourselves into a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon (I'll be Lucy) with all the oxygen we will be sucking in. PLUS the Moon will be in Aquarius, along with the South Node for the first time in 18 years - this is alot to be happening.

Inconjuncts are awkward energies where it seems nothing is exactly right (or we can't do/say anything right). Maybe something gets postponed. Maybe we just have to make the best of something less than ideal. Partners will offer us difficult choices.

It's a good time to look at the reasons we are doing what we are doing or the reason we want what we want. Caught between a rock and a hard place might mean we are not seeing what is really happening clearly or our motives may be corrupted. We may think we are helping someone when we are really coming from a place of our own ego that isn't very helpful to them or us. 

TRUMP CHART UPDATE - Trump's chart is very active and very stressed.

Transitting Mars (moving through Gemini) just hit his natal Uranus (yesterday) and will hit his Sun next Wednesday. He is getting hit big time. The attacks (Mars) are unexpected (Uranus) to him (Sun). The attacks (Mars) bring unexpected (Uranus) things to light (Sun).

The North Node, now in Leo, is at the exact degree of his ascendant - this is BIGLY - also watch the 8th to the 16th of June when the North Node - destiny - connects with his natal Mars.

I've written before about how that North Node in Virgo (and Leo and Trump's ruling star Regulus moving into Virgo) helped his appeal with the common man since Virgo rules the common man. This was a key part of his appeal the last 18 months and it was in his first house (self) along with expansive (and lucky) Jupiter.

Now that the North Node has moved into Leo he starts to lose that "common man" appeal plus it will soon move from his 1st house (public) to his 12th house (private). Something could also come to light (Sun) involving his children (5th house ruled by Leo).

This is either Trump's last stand or a huge test of his destiny. And remember the U.S. chart is all mixed up with his now.

It is also VERY interesting to look at the fixed star Regulus.

Fixed stars move so slowly they appear to not move at all - hence the name 'fixed'. Regulus was at 28-29 degrees Leo when Trump was born - the exact degree of Trump's ascendant and conjunct his natal Uranus! - and has since moved into 0 degrees Virgo - the exact degree where the North Node was as it moved from Virgo into Leo last week.

You might remember the North Node (our collective way forward) changed signs last Tuesday, exactly two hours before Trump fired Comey. 

Regulus is an uber important star for Trump - fating him with fame and riches and making him a "king". This is the "royal star" of the Leo constellation.

In Bernadette Brady's Book of Fixed Stars it says, "he is the Heart of the Lion and associated with the angel Raphael (healing). Regulus can bring glory and leadership, but his weakness is revenge. Power gained through Regulus is reversed quite dramatically if revenge is taken. Then comes the fall."

If Comey's firing was about Trump taking revenge, Trump's destiny changes dramatically.

This "revenge must be avoided" thing applies to us, too.

xo all

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DancingMooney said...

I feel like I'm watching the news with my hands over my eyes, but fingers spread so I can still see. Can't wait to see how this all unfolds...

Definitely feeling awkward about a few things lately but getting some quiet time to myself today so think I'll do some journaling and some gardening and breathe it all out...

Hope things are okay your way. ;)

Thank you always, for your posts.