Astrology Forecast for Creatives | a look ahead at the month of May - part l

I am still procrastinating looking too closely at the days much further ahead than May. The seeds of our future are planted now. Our power is in the now. So let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Plus any reader of my blog can tell you I lean toward negative thinking - more likely to write about the cloudy skies and pits of fire ants than the field of tulips I am standing in when I see these things.

And yes, it's good to know when to pack an umbrella and falling into a dark hole in the ground filled with biting insects doesn't sound all that cozy, especially during Taurus season, and maybe scanning for things like this does make us a little more safe and secure.

Maybe. Maybe not. I am pretty sure it takes our attention away from the tulips though ....


Let's take a sneak peak ahead at the month of May and see what kind of astro is kicking up.

(Each time I draw a Tarot card lately for the collective, which I do occasionally to get a feel of things, I get the two of swords. For anyone vaguely familiar with Tarot that's the card with the woman in a long white robe sitting on a stone bench in front of an ocean. We can see an island in the distance behind her and a waning crescent Moon in the sky. She is blindfolded and holding two large swords crossed over her heart/chest. To me this card usually signifies some sort of fence sitting. Our heart is blocked. There is something we don't want to look at. Our time is growing shorter and those swords look very heavy. It carries the energy of that frog in the pot .... ribbet.)

May is alot about MERCURY and also about SATURN and URANUS.

Let's start with Mercury.

He/she (Mercury is rather androgynous) stations direct tomorrow. It will take a couple days for her (and us) to get back to speed. Or maybe since he stations in Aries we will hit the ground running right out of the gate. It's hard to say.

Then she walks forward until May 21st when he gets to the space she turned around from on April 9th and finally on May 22nd he starts covering new territory (am I confusing you by flipping gender pronouns like this - well, good, staying on our toes for the small things is good practice for the bigger ones).

Mercury stations at 24 Aries. At the same time we have Uranus at 25 degrees Aries and Saturn at 26 degrees Sagittarius.

So, next week we will have a Grand Fire Trine, a Full Moon in deep, dark Scorpio and the North Node will move from grounded Virgo into fiery Leo. That's alot! The exciting part of 2017 is starting.

But let's stick with Mercury a little longer. Conversations, communications, ideas and information will be even more important than usual. Stay flexible. We don't want to dig in to a position too deeply that we become so entrenched we can't see any way out. The North Node, in Mercury ruled Virgo for just a few more days is squatting at zero degrees Virgo. Something is trying to get our attention. The stuff that comes up now will matter later.

With Uranus huddled up to Mercury - our thinking can change. That trine to stable Saturn tells me that changes in our thinking made now will provide us with more stability later. With that North Node (collective way forward) about to break into passionate and heart centered Leo - this is exactly the energy we need to break through our limiting thinking patterns. Remember we are set up to crave what is familiar not what is best for us.

Read/study something else. Talk to different people. Write the stuff down that catches our attention now.

With the South Node (what we are releasing) about to move into detached, group-oriented Aquarius it is time to THINK FOR OURSELVES. It's time to bring to the collective the very individual thing we are here to bring. Remember that flock that has been so important, well, maybe we are a bit lost in it now. Herd immunity works until it doesn't. And now it doesn't. That oxygen mask is going to have to go on our own face first for awhile. We are going to see what that feels like.

The world is maybe going to look a whole lot more selfish until we get our groove with this thing and figure out what stays and what goes, what works and what doesn't ..... trust the process.

Back on Thursday with part ll - xo all

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