Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 8th - pay attention to what is shifting

comet by just a shadow left

This is a BIG week. Yes, another one. Next week is big, too. Let's dig in.

On Monday, hit the ground running. Get to work. 

On Tuesday, the North Node moves from Virgo into Leo and the South Node moves from Pisces into Aquarius.

This kicks off a new 18 month cycle where we (as a collective) move toward our destiny by focusing on positive Leo expressions and themes and work through karma (again moving toward our destiny) by releasing and re-balancing completed and 'out of whack' Aquarius expressions and themes.

Our Leo (and Aquarius) natal houses get a renewed focus (in order for us to move our collective story forward) and because Leo is ruled by the Sun, the qualities of our natal Sun Sign are how we do this!

The space we find Leo (also the Sun) in our natal chart is where we are meant to "shine". It's where we are here to "take center stage" in some way.  

It's where we lead ... from our heart.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo truly is the king of the jungle. He is that proud, brave lion. Leo loves attention, applause and isn't shy about stepping into the limelight. In fact he must share his creativity with others and he isn't coy about wanting recognition. Not content to hide out in the chorus, center stage - and top billing - are where he needs to be. Now obviously, he (and we) can take this all a bit too far - Leo also rules greed and ego and arrogance. Some of that energy will rear its head, too, to be worked out. We'll deal with it. 

Leo rules our collective 5th house of creativity, generosity, children, fun, games and romance. Destiny will coax us in these directions by opening doors, windows, peepholes - whatever it takes!

Aquarius rules our collective 11th house of groups, the internet, charities, humanitarian causes, freedom, rebellion, astrology, invention. These are the areas ripe for release, karmic re-balancing (in favor of those 5th house activities), past life debts come due and past life credits are repaid.

For the last couple years I have been writing about crossing our T's and dotting our I's (Virgo!)- doing the thing that is right in front of us, prioritizing our health and the little things that take us to the big things.

Well, here come the big things. What have you been building? Big is the new big now. Yes, I'd say things are about to get BIGLY.

(that makes you nervous doesn't it - I can feel you squirming - it makes me nervous, too - maybe those butterflies have to grow in our bellies before we can release them into the world - yes, I know that's gross, retching up butterflies to save humanity - it's the only visual I've got right now, it's raining again here and I'm cranky)

Instead of the focus on the background nitty-gritty stuff we do - the focus will be on being brave enough to go a little bigger, to step into the limelight and take the center stage of our own life! Yes, our own stage. Don't worry we don't have to play Carnegie Hall - in fact Carnegie Hall rather insists that I don't! It's contractual. But there will be similar butterfly-producing events in our future. We won't be able to avoid them.

With Virgo it was most important to do a good job. In Leo, it's most important we bring our heart to the job we are doing and to be recognized for it.

This is a collective influence. We'll feel this in our individual lives in varying degrees, but we'll all find opportunities for a big old light to be lit on the thing we carry in our heart. Hiding in the crowd or staying emotionally detached or doing something for the good of the group isn't going to cut it.
We'll talk about this more over the next few months as we move through it.

We last had the Nodes in Leo/Aquarius between October 1998 and April 2000 and before that between January 1980 and September 1981 - if you had big changes during those periods (I know I did) you can, most likely, expect big changes within similar themes over the next 18 months, too!

The Nodes are hooked into a Grand Fire Trine until mid June with Uranus (in Aries) and Saturn (in Sagittarius) - this will get our Leo/Aquarius party off to a strong start.


Also on Tuesday the Sun (in Taurus) trines (brakes off) Pluto (in Capricorn). This is good energy for dealing with authority, stepping into a leadership role, diving deep into something financial or values related and for having greater control over our own life.

On Wednesday, we have a big old Full Moon in Scorpio- post to follow. Something comes to light. Something concludes - maybe something began around the time of the Scorpio New Moon last November. The Moon itself is all about going deep with love - maybe we need to let something go to get something that represents what we are really worth - maybe we finally figure out we are really grateful to have what we have. This is a really great Moon for a deep cleaning/cleansing, too - closets, emails, pores - you name it!

The 3rd Mercury/Uranus conjunction makes whatever is going on now even more BIGLY. There could be more surprises, unexpected news and information, and with Eris nearby, the potential for another round of arguments, jealous clashes and angry words.

Third times are powerful. A blunt truth can be delivered now and now we are finally ready to hear it. Unconventional ideas and innovative communications are also possible.

Whatever is changing now, whatever facts we are facing - the outcome of all this will bring more stability as long as we do what needs to be done. It will be obvious what needs to change. There is energetic support for getting on with it. So let's get on with it.

On Thursday, the Moon is void until 1pm EST, so don't start anything new in the morning or push forward with something you want something to come of.

On Thursday and Friday, Mars (in fast moving Gemini) trines Jupiter (still retrograde for a little while longer in Libra) and squares Neptune (in Pisces).

With Mars in "let's do it all" Gemini there could be multiple options with whatever is going on or whatever news we hear and we could have to move/decide quickly. There will probably be one best way forward if we can stay grounded (totally possible with the Sun in stable Taurus) and keep the rose colored glasses tucked inside the eyeglass case.

The action we take might be a bit challenging for us, but the results will be worth the effort. Focus. Go deep, not wide. Peaceful and balanced solutions are totally possible.

This energy is flowing pretty smoothly in that direction provided we aren't over-doing our Neptune - too much imagination, pie-in-the-sky, escape, chemical substances - you get the idea.

Lots of Mars energy this week, so it's a week to take action.

With Mercury (words, communication, ideas) caught between a rock and a hard place between Uranus (unexpected, sudden change, rebellion, revolution) and Eris (let me just say um - Carrie, pig's blood, prom night - get the picture?) it's not all love and light. We can expect some words we didn't see coming and they might not feel good. But this is our 3rd go at this. We've had the pebble. We've had the rock. If we're still standing in the line of fire to get the boulder we can't really blame Sissy Spacek, can we? xo all

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