Astrology Forecast for Creatives | a look ahead at the month of May - part ll

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The current week's forecast is HERE

OK, so let's finish this look at May before May finishes - ha!

Now, every single month has a theme and at some point every month the Moon will connect with Pluto (this is currently happening when the Moon moves goes through Capricorn each month since that's where Pluto has been since 2008) taking us to the depths of that month's theme. We get to the core of what the theme is about for us so we can bring it up to be worked with. This is the time each month when the month's theme comes together and becomes clear to us.

And yes, sometimes we just bury the damn thing again. We're not ready to deal with it. Keep in mind though that Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2023 and these excavations are monthly. We are going to waste a whole lot of shovels and we might miss the gold buried among the rubbish, if we never move on from the first pile .....

This month the Moon will be in Capricorn (early am on the 14th through dinner time on the 16th) - going over Pluto, digging deep into this month's agenda - at the same time Mercury moves into Taurus (May 15th).

So the start of this year's Mercury in Taurus season (May 15th through June 3rd) will coincide with the Moon connecting with Pluto. This will color our new Mercury season with May's theme and we will probably see things coming together in new ways after the middle of the month. Now remember Mercury is still covering ground he has walked before - here is a post I wrote back in the end of March about Mercury in Taurus - the general info is still applicable but we won't be hitting these degrees again. This is our last chance to get this stuff right before he moves on to Gemini in early June.

On May 17th/18th we are dealing with multiple inconjuncts. What are those song lyrics "the stars are stacked against you girl - get back in bed" - well that fits pretty well.

We have Saturn inconjunct the Sun, Chiron inconjunct the North Node, Jupiter inconjunct Neptune and Pluto inconjunct Mars. Inconjuncts represent crisis. Now remember crisis is both danger and opportunity. This is how we grow. Whatever we are dealing with here and obviously with so many crisis points at the same time many people will be affected and some will be dealing with multiple things - it will probably be best to let things be the way they are going to be.

Slow things down.

We have Mercury in Taurus and the Sun in the late degrees of Taurus - it's time for a few deep breaths. Like, quite a few deep breaths. Like we'll turn ourselves into a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon (I'll be Lucy) with all the oxygen we will be sucking in. PLUS the Moon will be in Aquarius, along with the South Node for the first time in 18 years - this is alot to be happening.

We'll talk about this next week.

On the 19th Saturn trines Uranus. We've been feeling this for a while, but here is when it becomes exact. This is about change, maybe even radical change, that leads to stability. Find new ways of doing old things. Connect with your dad. Connect with your grandson. This is the new and the old working together.

On May 20th the Sun enters Gemini and kicks off Gemini season - well, actually Mars did that already last month! Mars will oppose Saturn the next day, so there could be a stop sign here. In Gemini life will become more diverse. Our activities will speed up. We will be talking more. We will be communicating. Gemini is the one month of the year when multi-tasking actually works.

You can see why I said next week is a BIG week, too.

Then on May 25th we have a New Moon in Gemini. We have Venus conjunct Uranus. We'll talk about all the stuff in this post as we move through it. I started a May series and thought I might actually want to finish something I start around here once in a while. Keep everyone on their toes.

All in all May is a very creative month. Some things come unstuck. We aren't totally covering new ground with many things but we have more clarity now around what we want and what we have. There are some surprises and ups and downs. Our collective way forward shifts (Virgo to Leo) - imagine we are all on this road together and we come to a fork in the road and we all head thatta way TOGETHER. 

(no, we are not all holding hands and singing Kumbaya - sniffle - but the truth is there is really only one of us here - we rise and fall together folks, but you knew that already didn't you?)

xo all

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