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This transit is perfecting next Monday.

I was going to write about it later in the week, but in light of the Manchester bombing I thought I would write about it now.

Astrological transits (other than the Moon) have an impact for days (even weeks and months for outer planets transits to our natal planets) before and days after they reach an exact aspect.

There was quite a bit of tense astrology happening late Monday, but it isn't until you look at the chart for the city of Manchester itself you see the biggest challenges. I wish every town and city would employ an astrologer to track each area's transits. This wouldn't be fool-proof, obviously, but it might be helpful at times.

The chart for Manchester for the time of the bombing shows Mars (initiative, action, anger, war) opposing Saturn (structure, authority) in the first house (the city itself). The Mars/Saturn opposition (two malefic planets) is a violent signature. It can show up as bullying, anger, frustration and conflict. Mars squares Chiron (wound that can't be healed) in the 4th house of roots, home and family. Mars was conjunct the asteroid Chaos and square to Neptune. Neptune (loss). rules over events like music concerts (places of escape, places we lose ourselves, music - we have seen a Neptune signature before with nightclub shootings).

And, of course, with something happening "out of the blue" we would look to see what Uranus is doing - Uranus isn't about violence necessarily, but brings something sudden and unexpected. Uranus was conjunct the Moon with the Moon sitting on the IC (4th house cusp - home, roots - extremely important space of a chart). We also see Lilith and Eris (more and more Eris is showing up with a prominent placement in charts involving terrorism) conjunct Uranus and the IC - a "shocking, violent event that hits close to home".

Jupiter is the chart ruler and Jupiter rules religion and what is foreign and is retrograde now, so out of sorts. Venus (women) is opposite Jupiter. The murderer could have been focused on religion or felt foreign to the people he was hurting (Jupiter), maybe wanted to hurt women (Venus), maybe part of a larger structure or just looking to hurt society (Saturn), but it doesn't take astrology to guess at this.
(I wish the media would stop calling murderers 'terrorists' as if they had earned some kind of "title" through their actions the way a geologist or theologist or biologist would - language is power)

Moving forward this Mars/Saturn opposition is going to be building through Monday when it starts to unwind itself.

We have Mars (in Gemini) opposite Saturn (in Sagittarius).

(during the 9/11 attacks in the United States we had Mars in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius - again two malefic plants in the same signs)

Mars is action, initiative, aggression, anger and war. Gemini is thinking, communicating, fast moving, transportation, the local neighborhood, young people. Saturn rules authority, structure, rules, time. Sagittarius rules religion, anything foreign, higher thinking. The word salads do not look like anything remotely edible. At best I am seeing religious arguments or arguments with authority figures.

At the same time we have Venus (in Aries and answering to Mars) just coming out of that opposition to Jupiter we talked about last week about to make a hard square to Pluto and Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury are forming a Yod this weekend. We'll talk about this later. It is definitely not all bad - we have alot of good energy ahead, too.

Remember it's not that things are getting worse - they are just getting more visible. If you need to back away from the news DO THAT. Oxygen mask on your own face first now. Raising our own energy helps the collective in ways we cannot even imagine.

So use your astrology knowledge to help yourself. Keep the Mars/Saturn energy in mind, but don't dwell on it. Keep a cool head. Stay flexible. Get some exercise. Write something. Keep attuned to your local environment - pay attention to what is happening around you. The Moon is dark - reflect, meditate, send prayers to the people who are hurting now ... xo all

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