Mars Square Neptune | Mercury Trine Saturn - think things through

full of butterflies by flowerpottt

Today we have Mars (in Gemini) squaring (tension) Neptune (in Pisces). This could feel like a push to take some kind of action that is unclear, that we are apathetic about or that squares our 'dream'.

With Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Aries - mutual reception and strengthening each other - this is the time to question/discuss/think about where all this is going. It's not a good time to let ourselves get "talked into" something. Boundaries can be needed now. Stuff that is hidden will be pushed into the open. Stick to the truth now.

Saturn and Jupiter are both still retrograde. Venus and Mercury are still covering old ground. We could be tired and this square could exacerbate that. Remember the way forward now is Leo. What does your heart say about this (our heart will need a say in all decisions now)?

With Mercury (in Aries) trining (brakes off ) Saturn (retrograde in Sagittarius) - sensible plans and actions move things forward. This transit can help us "say the right thing". It could be a good time to get advice from an older or more experienced person. With Mars and Mercury in mutual reception and that square to Neptune making things foggy this is not the best day to make an important decision unless our head, heart and gut are in agreement. Ask questions. Think things through. Get clearer.

xo all

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