Sun into Cancer | Summer Solstice - home, family, roots - fresh new beginnings

Home by Cristiana Apostol
Mercury follows the Sun into Cancer today - joining together at 0 degrees.

With our North Node in Leo now and Leo ruled by the Sun, the Sun's monthly transitions become even more impactful

(is there a family issue that needs to be 'ironed out/worked with' before we can move forward).

Mercury carries a communication, news, information, an issue, contact with sibling or the local environment that sets the tone for the new summer season. It could refer back to something started around April 20th - the last Sun/Mercury culmination point (superior conjunction).

Today's revelation would be the prologue to a whole new chapter that launches after the New Moon on June 23rd. Post to follow.

Cancer season is about home and family, motherhood, real estate and roots, security and patriotism. It wouldn't be surprising if the message Mercury delivers comes from our ancestors. It would be a good time to pay them tribute with a space dedication in your home - be sure to include a photo of yourself as a child. Think about the ways your own story is woven in with theirs and how you carry your mother's emotional story and your father's physical story (and vice versa - it is way more complicated than this) forward.

That North Node in Leo - and our move into heart - has me thinking this Cancer season and Summer Solstice could be a great bit about looking backward into what took root and grew in our heart when we were a child. We'll talk more about this at the New Moon in a couple days.

In the meantime, the Moon is balsamic. Get enough rest. Go through your family albums. The good financial/resource vibes continue from yesterday. What are you mining?

xo all


lynn bowes said...

Remembering today that families may not necessarily be a family you are born into. It may be the flock you are part of and tend to carefully. I am part of one of those and it does take work to attend to the group needs. Still productive work for sure. My own family album (strange that you should mention family album) is one giant scrapbook I created from all of the photos taken at our aerobatic contests from 1974 to present. I gathered them together and curated them into this photo album with photos, newspaper clippings, programs, ephemera, and darling Ed made a checker-plate stand for it so it will be on display at our contest this weekend. (Yep. Already pooped and it's not over until Sunday.)

I'm anxious to hear more about the New Moon and looking to see what took root in our childhood. Sometimes I think absolutely nothing took root - but I know better.


DancingMooney said...

Hey! So I tried to respond to your comment the other day but I think I bumped a button on my keyboard or something because *poof* I lost my message... and... was too lazy to type it up again... :)

I'm working on Amazon FBA right now. Just getting started. Intimidated by it all but that's not gonna stop me, and hoping I'll have something established there before the holidays roll around again.

I've always grown up feeling like I've turned out just like my grandma. She was a home maker, but a good one. A gardener... flowers and veggies... cooked meals from scratch. Simple, and quiet. I find myself reflecting back and thinking of her often, she was someone who was very special in my life growing up, but she passed when I was only about 8 years old or so. Do you know that song by Bette Midler "Wind Beneath my Wings"... I still cry to this day when I hear that song... makes me think of grandma... ♥

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Lynn- Yes, the flock can certainly play those familiar (familial) roles if they are open. You know your cancer house is your 5th house - creative self expression, children, romance, games, fun - you will have a powerhouse of energy and emotion in there this weekend. Sounds perfect for your contest. With that Merc conjunction I would think possible messages about what you want or what’s most precious to you and an excellent opportunity to gain attention and appreciation for your words and needs. I'll have to go back to that rooting stuff in this afternoon's post. Got off track. Yes, lots of stuff took root - astrologically speaking your first 90 days relate to your first 90 years! Ack! Good luck this weekend! xo

Hi Janell - Amazon FBA has a meetup in NYC next week which I was thinking about if I can get my lazy summer butt in gear - wish we lived closer, maybe we could both go! Love what you have written about your grandmother - to have that beautiful song relate to someone in your life what a beautiful gift. My grandmother was like my mother and she also passed when I was about 8 years old, or maybe 9 - 4th grade. Then I went to live with my mother and stepfather. I wish I had more memories of her, I know I was her favorite and the world felt safe when she was around. I am so feeling this Cancerian portal right now - my brother is about to have a baby - being induced should be born tomorrow - so really feeling my ancestors, all of whom passed when he was a child. Especially his dad who passed when Vinnie was 13 and now my brother finally becoming a dad so late in life and so worried about his child losing him .. it's just all so bittersweet. You ARE that Earth Mother / Taurus rising so everything you write you learned from your grandma is so important to you as you continue her story ... so beautiful xox