Mars Square Chiron | the rock and the hard place

Anastasia by ankazhuravleva

Today Mars (in Gemini) is squaring Chiron (in Pisces).

Actions (Mars) hurt (Chiron). Choices (Gemini) leave us vulnerable (Pisces). Escape routes are cut off.

If we have taken on too much or moved in too many directions too quickly we will be feeling it now - the rock and the hard place.

The choices in front of us might all look equally BAD and yet the consequences for not choosing could look even worse. If we must choose now - we choose something, we move slowly and carefully, we focus, we get help, we pare whatever actions we are taking down a bit to give ourselves some room to breathe. 

Whatever this is, if we are feeling it, it's going to hurt. We can't make everyone happy here no matter what we do.

And if we find ourselves in this situation maybe the real question to be asking is "why did I get myself into this situation?". Not how. But why. 

The hows will always find us if the whys need answering.

Gemini season is the season of choices. Now is the time when some earlier ones might come back to bite us in the ass. Not because our ass is particularly tasty or nutritious - this is just the way we get the opportunity to look at the why. 

Why can't I say no? Consider (like I did a couple years ago) if an inability to say no, this people pleasing thing we have going on - could be rooted in a need to control how other people see us.

People love to call themselves "people-pleasers" - it sounds so nice. But how about calling ourselves "people-controllers" - it doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it?

Think about it. Why do I do things to help others that hurt myself? Why do I take on so much?

Why am I in a place where there are no good options? Not how. Why. I know it's Gemini season and shallow is the new deep - but let's go DEEPER.

Sometimes it takes courage to say no (which by the way Oprah says is a complete answer and spellcheck does not correct me when I make it a complete sentence so she must be right). No.

Today's one of those days we might have to lose the battle to win the war. 

We have another aspect today equally tricky and quite similar. Neptune (in Pisces) is squaring Ceres (in Gemini).

This one could be about holding space for someone's vulnerability. What do I mean by holding space? It means not judging. It means being a safe space. It means not crossing a boundary and thinking we have to fix everything. Are we really helping or is our helping hurting? If helping someone else is hurting us there will be tension here. Self-sacrifice is not the way forward now. Remember that North Node in Leo - oxygen mask on our own face first.

Maybe every situation is just an experience we are in some way seeking/wanting. Even the crappy ones. We are just too close to see the big picture.

If we are the one wanting too much from someone else we need to look at what we are really wanting.

It is Gemini season there is always another choice.

Sometimes the best choice could be to lose this battle. Sometimes an early loss is what gets us to the bigger, more important win later - we might need to take it on the chin now so we can retain some resources for another day.

Or we can fight, because maybe all choices involve confrontation anyway - and someone has to win after all, maybe it will be us. Know that the winning probably won't feel quite as good as we thought it would - I think because Chiron will have us feeling the loser's pain somehow. Or the price we have to pay to win will be too high.

There are just no easy answers today. Let's just do our best.

If you have planets or points near 28 degrees of the mutable signs - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces - you will be feeling the Mars/Chiron aspect strongest. If you have planets or points around 14 degrees of these same signs you will be feeling the Neptune/Ceres strongest.

xo all.

unexpected opportunities for love, money and women as Venus meets up with Uranus for the next few days, back later to write about that ....

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