Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 12th - a test, another kite and lots of communication stuff

Downward Spiral by Mrs-White

This is another big week with some connections to that big week two weeks back - can anyone remember two weeks back? Am I the only one with a memory aging in dog years now? I'm serious. WTH.

This week there are alot of aspects with Mercury - so this is about us and how we relate to our local environment - how we communicate, what we say, what we don't say and what all of this saying and not saying actually says about us.

(Remember this weekly update is general and collectively focused - I can't see what your Mercury is doing - he could be out drinking in the pub or in the library studying like he said he was. Transitting Mercury was opposing Kathy Griffin's natal Mercury when she blew up her career. Transitting Mercury opposes Comey's natal Mercury this week. I guess his career is already blown up, but the transit isn't about that anyway. It's really about other people (transitting Mercury) giving their opinion about our opinion (natal Mercury). So what we say engages conversation by others, usually through arguments and tests. When Mercury enters Cancer in 10 days, this is something for me to think about since my natal Mercury is in Capricorn - Cancer's polarity sign. Do you know where your natal Mercury is? It's either in the same sign as your Sun or the sign before or after, since Mercury travels so close to the Sun - something to think about.)

On Monday morning the Moon is in "let's get to work" Capricorn, but the skies are lining up to get us off-track. We'll get up early and attend to our responsibilities. We'll get in early and schmooze with the boss. We'll get our proposal in early. We'll get our orders out early. Whatever we normally do by the end of the day Monday, we'll try to get it done by lunch - which might not happen because the Capricorn Moon is squaring Uranus (surprise) so the stars are stacked against things running smoothly - we'll try anyway, but expect the unexpected. Then at 2:45PM EST (that EDT last week just looked wrong to me, can't commit to it) the Moon goes void for five hours before popping into Aquarius. So, the day could start out going one way and end up in a totally different direction. People will be changing their minds today. It's Gemini season - we'll stay flexible. We'll stretch.

On Tuesday the Aquarius Moon is squaring Venus (in Taurus). Maybe someone is digging in their heels. Maybe it's us. By the time the workday starts on the East Coast, Mercury (in Gemini) is trining (brakes off) Jupiter (in Libra). This is great energy for communication - for broader, more optimistic thinking, to receive/give GOOD news, for partnership opportunities - be out and about! Make the call. Send the email. Good for presentations, planning, traveling and studying.

This is the 3rd trine between these guys since last October - we had one on 10/11 and another on 2/21 - maybe something from those dates expanded our voice in some way? If so, here could be another similar opportunity or more expansion of that same situation.

The fly in the ointment today (yes, same fly that's always dancing in the ointment, hopefully not the same ointment though - that stuff is lethal by now) is that tonight we have Mercury squaring Neptune (art, imagination, escape, delusion, healing, things put away and forgotten, addiction).

This is the square from the Neptune/Mercury transit that started back on March 4th. If you started something back then this is what is called - don't panic - the crisis point for that endeavor/situation. Now, the thing to watch out for here is our tendency, during this 'crisis', to surrender (Neptune) our thinking/ideas/voice (Mercury) to someone else. It's easy to be deluded or lied to now. It's easy to delude or lie to ourselves. Someone could be keeping secrets from us or we could be the one with our lips sealed - either way, it could lead to problems. Even this morning's good energy between Mercury and Jupiter could make this crisis point seem bigger or more over the top than it needs to be. Don't make any drastic moves now or go overboard with anything.

Give major decisions a couple days for things to shake out a bit.

On Wednesday, there are multiple aspects to our Aquarian Moon so this is a good day for community and humanitarian efforts, internet activities and anything new and cutting edge - opportunities come through legal, foreign, travel, higher education, religion, weddings, politics (sextile to Saturn in Sag) and opportunities are available to break out of a rut (sextile to Uranus in Aries), especially emotionally.

Thursday is a big day. The Sun is having its annual opposition to Saturn. Our creative energy meets opposition and limitations. We are tested. This is a good time to take an unbiased (those rose colored glasses from earlier in the week need to be firmly tucked into a drawer now) inventory of where we are now. It could appear that other people or outside circumstances are blocking our way forward. This is the mid-point of Saturn's retrograde transit that started in early April and the half-way point for the path we started on last December. Do we stay on this road, and that might not even be an option, or do we pivot now? It would be good to spend some time alone today sorting this out and allow others this same option. The information is available now to see what Saturn's retrograde (limits, delay, rules) is all about and to make decisions about what to do moving forward. This aspect can be depressing, so the blues today is NORMAL. Our energy could be low now so let's give ourselves (and others) a break.

Another aspect today relates back to the Kite formation pointing to Mars we talked about two weeks ago. Events now will take us back to that May 29th - June 3rd time frame. We have a new Kite with the Sun sextiling (opportunity) the North Node in Leo and trining (brakes off) the South Node in Aquarius.

The point of this Kite is Mercury so the actions, initiative, anger, passion - whatever the Mars focus had us experiencing two weeks ago - is leading to this week's decisions, choices, conversations, sibling issues, local community issues, transportation issues. The Kite will last through next Tuesday when Mercury sextiles Uranus (the unexpected). I'll do a post by sign later in the week about this!

On Friday, Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces. Some of us will feel this more than others. The Moon is also in Pisces on Friday and making multiple aspects. The weekend has some important stuff, too. We'll talk about all this later as we move through it.

All in all the week is a mixed bag. I'll do some dailies. Heads up that the end of the month has some challenges so let's enjoy the good moments as much as we can - I think we came to Planet Earth for those most of all!


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