Mars Conjunct Mercury | decisive action, words that open childhood wounds

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Today's energy is fast and packs a wallop.

With Mercury (words, ideas, communication, siblings, transportation) meeting up with Mars (initiative, drive, passion, anger) at 15 degrees Cancer - words are our weapon.

Either we cut to the heart of the matter or we cut someone's heart out.

Happening in family, home, country and security oriented Cancer, conversations now could revolve around these themes or take us back to childhood (or past-life) issues.

That guy in your face in the post office will actually be yelling at his controlling mother and you will actually be listening to your demanding brother. Everything will be taken out of context and relate back to something else. Powder kegs are hidden in the most unlikeliest of spaces now. Tread cautiously.

Post internet comments at your own risk. Call your sister at your own risk. Arguments will be swift and passionate especially around issues of safety and our long-standing beliefs that, if changed or challenged, would rock our structure.

The best way through these energies is to blend this week's trine to Neptune and today's conjunction with Mars to find the courage to forgive or apologize. 

On a more positive note (yes, today there are lots of flies in the ointment, but also one nice fly-free zone the flies haven't noticed yet)

if an auspicious opportunity is presented now, the energy is available to take swift and decisive action. There won't be time to hedge our bets, manipulate the data into what feels comfortable or second guess ourselves - if our intuition says "make a move" then make the move.

If courageous words are needed we can find them.

xo all (drive safely)

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