Venus Trine Pluto | having our cake and eating it, too


This aspect has been building for a few days and reaches its exact alignment today with Venus at 18 degrees Taurus and Pluto at 18 degrees Capricorn. This is a goodie.

This is where we can take what we want/need/love (Venus) and go in deeper (Pluto). We go a step further. We push that outer limit of what feels comfortable.

With trines things fall smoothly into place. We won't have to push or force or manipulate anything.

With Venus in Taurus (what we already have, what we value) we attract what we want/need/love through what is already working - what comes naturally. With Pluto in industrious Capricorn trining this energy - it's a good time for something good to become something great.

Something we had hoped for gets the green light. An investment grows more profitable. A relationship more comfortable and stable. The value of what we already have increases now. Yes, our stock just went up.

Indulge in just a little bit ... more.


My brother and sister-in-law welcomed their beautiful baby boy Joel Vincent to planet Earth last night. The doctor told them at 4:10PM that he would be born in 10 minutes, and of course, already a fellow who will not be told what to do, Joel made his appearance almost exactly 4 hours later (at the Cancer New Moon with that stellium in Cancer!).

I was planning to be in the hospital waiting room. But I am especially sensitive about my tendency to interject myself into my younger siblings' stories and my sister-in-law is a very private person, so when my brother texted, "Please don't come, I'll text you", those plans changed.

A few hours later he texted "doctor is coming in to deliver baby - doctor says 10 minutes!".

Seconds later my daughter called and we were talking about what was going on at the hospital as I paced around the house (the hospital was actually on fire on another floor, my brother could see three fire trucks from their hospital window and their doctor had been locked outside - it was a nailbiter).

wild turkey and baby?
My daughter, "why don't you just go out there even if you sit in the parking lot, you'll feel better."

At exactly that second I looked out my back door patio window and there was a giant bird, three foot tall, walking next to my pool. I hang up to take a picture with my phone and when I focus in on the giant bird - a type of bird we'd never had in our yard in over 20 years, what the hell kind of bird was this - I see that walking right behind the bird is her baby!

My mom used to send birds in the months after she died, so I knew exactly what this was. I'll just say 'tears flowed like wine' ... and then some wine flowed, too.

And of course, I will re-purpose the corks ...

xo all

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