Venus into Taurus | accepting the best

Blossom by Aaron McPolin

Venus comes home to Taurus this morning. She is Mother Earth now. Ruler of our second house of everything money can buy and everything money can't - love, our values, our self-esteem, our resources.

Taurus Suns and risings get more attractive - both easy on the eye and able to attract what they need. All of us have Taurus ruling some space of our natal chart and the theme of that house gets more attractive, too.

In Taurus, this attraction is based on how we value ourselves and how we value our resources. If we take care of the things we value they grow. The better care we have taken of the things that are important to us the more those things (relationships, resources, money, comfort/health) will expand under this transit.

If we haven't, then this is the time to reinvest in what we already have by tending to it more carefully and lovingly.

How are we caring for our money? Are our books balanced? Sitting down and taking the time (what we really care about is not what we say we care about it is really what we give our time and attention to) to note our income and expenses in a ledger/register is becoming a lost art. Print out our computer bank statements. File them neatly. We can't pretend to tend to our money when we are not even looking at it.

What's in our wallet? HERE is a post about a Feng Shui class I took many years ago about money. Something here might be helpful. I get off track with this stuff all the time, maybe you have, too.

This is an excellent time (through the 4th of July) to take better care of our physical bodies. Self comfort can works miracles now. Let's get outdoors for an hour everyday - yes, rain or shine. Get a massage, take a nightly bath - it's time to invest (time and resources) in ourselves.

Think quality over quantity with purchases now. Don't buy the cheap bra. Don't spend more than you have (remember we are working with existing resources now), but don't skimp either. Better to have 3 great bras than a drawer full of tangled crap.

It's a time when "hands in the dirt" can work miracles beyond a beautiful garden or tasty tomato - although those things are highly valued now, too. Plant a garden.

As for our businesses Venus in Taurus isn't really about launching something brand new. It doesn't mean you can't do that now, of course you can - the moon is waxing! But, this transit is really about working with what you already have. If you have the needed resources to do what you want to do, this transit will be helpful. If you don't, this transit is best spent valuing the resources you have now by giving your time and attention to them.

Think of your business as you would a garden. What needs your time and attention now? What needs to be weeded out so something else can get more sunlight? What needs to be watered? What needs to be transplanted somewhere else?

There is no rush with Taurus. We can take this slow. Here Venus prefers simplicity over the complicated. She practices gratitude for what she already has.

Listen to your body. Does it get tense when you think about doing something? Can you do it another way that doesn't create that stress? Can you slow it down? Can you simplify it somehow?

My body has been stressing out about a presentation I have to give soon and as I am writing this I realize I would be much more comfortable if I prepared some visuals and lengthened the speaking part a little bit and reduced the question and answer time a little bit (since I am afraid no one will have any questions!).

Listening to our body's stress signals and changing what we are doing doesn't have to be some big ginormous thing ... until it does. Let's listen to the pebble so we don't get hit with the rock.

xo all


lynn bowes said...

Every single day you make points that I say 'yup' to but I never get around to telling you so. The way you describe scenarios and how to best handle situations is what I appreciate most and not in a prediction sort of way. It's a way to approach life every day is the best way I can describe it. Still, it's always funny how I can take each and every paragraph and relate it to exactly what either happened or is happening. Yeah, there was that one time a couple of weeks ago when I should have kept my mouth shut . . .

So speaking of money, yesterday I (overspent - but the quality is superb, it's just what I wanted and all - think binocular bag) bought a new bag that has a separate place for loose change, folding money (which all has to be in order, facing the same direction, face up), credit cards (reduced to one), and insurance cards. I respect my money although I cheat on it sometimes and have to apologize but as an old cocktail waitress, I always understood that if I took care of my money, it would take care of me. Very tidy with my money and as you might guess, I balance with paper and pencil every month. In fact, I have autopay on some things and it drives me nuts every month to see an autopayment - weird, huh. Back to the bag - too much to spend but justified because I have one by the same maker that I carried every single day for over two years and it's still gorgeous. :D

So today (thank you for the permission) I have to dig in the dirt and replace four tomato plants that probably got a little 2-4D drift from the farmer adjacent to our farmette. As for your presentation, I'll be you are prepared to handle anything they throw at you already. Here is my favorite question for Q&A time - Do these pants make my butt look big?


Catherine Ivins said...

"I respect my money but I cheat on it sometimes", so perfect Lynn, me too! I had stopped carrying a bag last winter but it is getting harder to do now that the weather is warmer and I don't have a jacket pocket. I still love a good bag and your reasoning for investing in a good one sounds totally on target. It does house our valuables.

I have to dig in the dirt, too, and it's raining off and on - trying to look at this as the glass half full since it makes the ground soft because it isn't good dirt to be planting in (but the lemon grass I planted around the pool last year did well there) and trying not to look at it as 'I am about to be a big muddy mess' and I just cleaned the floors yesterday ...

The presentation people give as much time for questions as they do for the talk which seems like way too much to me - I've been worried there won't be any questions and I'll be fumbling about but now that you've said "prepared to handle whatever they throw at you" I will have to stress about that, too - ha! just kidding - I feel prepared, but sometimes lately my brain blanks out when I am in the middle of a sentence. And the thought is just ... gone. xo