Mars Trine Neptune | our faith makes us stronger

faith by sollenafotographie
Here is the one gentle and steady aspect this week to hold onto.

Mars (in Cancer) is trine (brakes off) Neptune (in Pisces).

The energies this week will challenge (Mars) us to remain peaceful (Neptune). Neptune dissolves the boundaries between ourselves and others making it easier to feel what other people are feeling (yes, we are all loving and frightened inside) but can also be emotionally overwhelming.

Mars in Cancer is the divine masculine energy compelled to defend what we call "home" (hold close). This trine to Neptune (the mystical realms) tells us the way to that win-win for all of us is through compassion. We are all is this together. If our right hand forms a fist and throws a punch our left toe is compelled into action, too.

It is MUCH better to move through these times with hands open - the healing action, the compassionate gesture, the universally loving touch - moves all of us away from the circling sharks and into the smoothest waters. We don't have to fight to win. That's the dying patriarchal paradigm. In fact, if we fight we can't win. An open heart opens other hearts now. Pray for peace.

Heads up creatives - this aspect can also dissolve (Neptune) our initiative (Mars). We are only a few days into the summer season, maybe this is a good thing .... xo all

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