Venus Conjunct Jupiter, Sun Trine Jupiter | going for it, surprises that put us on our best path forward

l' avion by MOTHart

If you had those late degree mutable points or planets hit yesterday I hope you were able to take a deep breath and count to ten! Hold on - the Mars square Chiron energy is fading fast. The great things about transits are they are transitory.

It's also the worst thing - because today has some wonderful aspects!

We have the Sun (in Gemini) trining (brakes off) Jupiter (retrograde in Libra).

This is probably the best solar aspect we could have. Babies born today will have access to an easy confidence and optimism for their entire lives. For the rest of us, today's aspect gives us an easy-breezy confidence, especially within relationships. Financial gains are possible now. This would also be a good time to meet someone new. Be out and about.

Think Jupiter (expansion) with whatever is happening now. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and our 9th house of the higher mind and what is foreign to is. It takes all that local stuff Gemini rules and kicks it up a notch. Let's think a little BIGGER with our plans. Let's speak about more important issues than the latest episode of American idol (is that still on?). Let's move ourselves outside our comfort zone today. Growth can come through study and travel now. Stay open to new experiences this weekend. Take advantage of things that come your way - whatever slides into place, follow up with that.

There won't be anything here that has to be forced.

The Libra Moon is also trining this aspects and it is waxing (growing) - this would be an excellent day to get married (and it's June and a Saturday - I am sure there will be many weddings today!) or start something new! If you have something brewing but are not quite ready to launch, do something today to get this official date stamped into your new enterprise's DNA - register a domain name, slap up a website - you can have a public launch later (on another good date).

We also have Venus meeting up with Uranus (this energy has been and will be around for a few days).

This transit brings unexpected (Uranus) events with love, money and/or women (Venus). Coupled with the Sun trining Jupiter, I am betting many people have had/will have good surprises. With Venus still in fiery Aries, initiative and courage could be required to get the most from this one. Uranus is a wild card and can't be boxed in, so "liberating action" will be hard to resist. This one is trining the North Node of our collective destiny so whatever happens the "unexpected event/surprise/risk taken" will fit in nicely with our clearest path forward. Trust it.

Stay flexible. Stay spontaneous. Be optimistic. Be brave. Be yourself. We really have got this thing.

xo all

(next week multiple planets change signs so lots of fresh energy coming for all of us)

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