today's astrology forecast | Monday, June 17, 2024 - coming home, soft landing possibility, keeping one eye on the ball

We survived last week? 

Yes? Sort of? 

Big power-struggle blow-ups here as I took the bull by the horns and the bull wasn't having it, wild storm with damage, health stuff acting up, website hacked, got about a gazillion things done, couldn't sleep - it all went rather textbook for me. Then last night I sat down to write this, and ... no internet. Again.

I went to bed and fell asleep in about 10 seconds. 

But, it's a brand new day and let's take a look at it!

The Moon is in Scorpio now, working her eay to this week's Full Moon in Capricorn (the first of two Capricorn Full Moons, so it looks like something big - big enough that we need a second shot at this - is culminating or ending with a public or career matter or Cappy house theme - we will get back to this!) when she will oppose the Sun.

In Scorpio today, the Moon trines Mercury and Venus while we sleep (EDT), squares Pluto (modern ruler) in the early AM and goes on to oppose Mars (ancient ruler) in the late afternoon. The Moon in Scorpio is nurtured by intense feelings/going deep, solving puzzles/mysteries, intimacy. With the challenging aspects to Scorpio's rulers, we might be feeling somewhat defensive, especially later in the day, so it might be best to focus on independent work and activities that require emotional courage, but don't actually present physical risk. 

This is also the day Mercury completes his/her square to Neptune and then moves into Cancer and catches up with Venus at 0 degrees Cancer. 

So, the Mercury square we talked about last week - the tension/frustration/challenge from Neptune - is pulled into this week. 

This can show up as us being extra tired, needing rest/relaxation, needing some escape - the caveat with all of this is that serious Cappy Full Moon breathing down our necks, so our responsibilities cannot just be shucked aside, we will have to pace ourselves.

The Neptune square can also bring weather issues/wet weather pulling us off our game (because remember Mercury is flying through Gemini at this point) - and this may have already happened. Double check your communications, times, information. Info can be confusing or wrong. This can also speak of delusions/lies/addictions as Mercury leaves her/his home sign of Gemini for home and family focused Cancer.

So, we are moving fast, there is this Neptunian "thing/challenge" - and actually this could show the need to apologize/forgive before 'coming home' - and then we move right into a focus on home/family/mother/real estate/home business/our physicality (our body, the home we live in). The Sun is still in Gemini for a couple more days - leaving Gemini for Cancer on the Summer Solstice/June 20th - and answering to Mercury, so Mercury's machinations, which are always very important are even more important now.

Arriving in Cancer, Mercury runs right into the arms of loving Venus, herself just arrived in Cancer and decompressing. A soft landing? Collectively our attention this week turns to home and family. And whatever Part I of this public/career/leadership two-part result/culmination/ending thing is - maybe work vs home - that is somehow the 'beginning of the end'. 

We will talk about this in its own Full Moon post.

Mercury/Venus in Cancer is OUT of the Neptune square, BUT the Sun is moving into it, so continue to pace yourself this week. Know you will need some breaks and extra sleep and time for music/creativity/spirituality. Know with a Neptune square that boundaries are thin - health situations can act up, water can damage, insects can infest. Know there is a good chance the things you are hearing and seeing and thinking are not quite true/accurate. Keep this in mind, even as you read this :)

Inner planets contact with Neptune also allow our ancestors and our ANCESTRAL INHERITANCE into our daily life. Keep this in mind with whatever you have going on now. Big challenges are likely to connect to other, maybe even bigger past challenges, you cannot see - unless you have some Linda Blair head spinning capability, which some do - because THESE THINGS ARE BEHIND YOU. 

With the Moon squaring Pluto and opposing Mars, last week's power struggles and emotional intensity around security, etc, continue to be TRIGGER POINTS that can tip us, and others, over the edge today, so keep this in mind.

It is certainly very helpful/stabilizing that Mercury and Venus have left the hectic and mutable energy overload in Gemini for cardinal Cancer, but we still have the Sun in Gemini squaring Neptune for a couple more days. We don't know what we don't know. Our focus will likely continue to be scattered and that can frustrate the Scorpio Moon that wants to drill down. 

Personal priorities will begin to come into a greater focus today. What really matters. Good family vibes as Mercury meets Venus in Cancer. Eat well. Take care of yourself.

And, keep in mind, serious situations are coming as we approach part I of the Cappy Full Moon two-parter, so there will be ups and downs. Mercury will also square the Nodes of Fate at the end of the week, so people will be making important choices and pivots as fate intervenes.

The astro this week is really about TODAY with the Mercury/Neptune, Mercury and Venus meeting as they move into Cancer, THURSDAY - Solstice, as the Sun squares Neptune and moves into Cancer, FRIDAY - FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN (the first of two which is very uncommon) and that brings us to Mercury's square to the Nodes and a choice/pivot point between the past and future - SATURDAY. We will talk about all this as we move through the week. 

There isn't a weekly, but we won't miss anything since I will make a Solstice post and a Full Moon post. 

I hope something here is helpful. Let's pace ourselves. 

xo all

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