weekly astrology forecast | June 10th to 16th, 2024 - crazy tense week ahead folks, slow down and keep a cool head because impulsive and angry words and actions are going to get expensive

This forecast comes with a WARNING. 

Multiple warnings. 

Approaching train warning. Cigarette pack warning. Parental advisory. Flashing red light. All rolled into one week. The energy is ripe for arguments/accidents. Losses. 

And, for some people, power moves that will be STICKY. 

Am I exaggerating? Maybe. Maybe not.  

Let's unpack the week!

TUESDAY - Mars squares Pluto

WEDNESDAY - Mercury squares Saturn

FRIDAY - Sun conjunct Mercury

SUNDAY - Venus square Neptune

TUESDAY - Mars at 1 degree Taurus squares Pluto, retrograde, in Aquarius. 

There is anger in the air. This is NOT THE WEEK TO GO TO BATTLE unless you are prepared to do whatever needs to be done to win and you are prepared to live with the CONSEQUENCES. 

This is not the time to lay everything on the line because MISTAKES CAN BE COSTLY. Don't bet the farm unless you are wanting to be sleeping in the coop with that horny rooster. Destructive behaviors can be amped up. Survival fears. Compulsions, Manipulations. Avoid confrontations and power struggles. I felt a preview of this on Sunday as the Moon squared Mars. Maybe you did, too. 

Big girl/boy pants on this week. We could think we are protecting ourselves when we are really wrecking ourselves. Take a breath. 

Things that have been simmering and ready to boil over are likely to BOIL OVER. Know this going in and don't go turning up the heat unless you are ready to deal with the hot water. Some people are.

Sometimes this "boil-over" needs to happen to clear the air and is a good thing. People with very early fixed degree placements will likely feel this energy most intensely. With Pluto retrograde whatever this is won't be a totally new thing. Here is a fight we've had before. 

Expect some troubling news in the collective this week. This energy is big/won't stay local.

Our control tendencies, fears, obsessions can come up to be dealt with. Note 'dealt with' is not the same thing as acting on them. Pluto smothers. He doesn't GET smothered. Mars in Taurus, as us, might dig in our heels, but if something ends now, if we have some kind of loss - it is likely to be lasting/permanent. This is all fixed energy. Scorched earth. The ground is being cleared for new growth LATER. But later is not today. 

This is a good time to be taking action with something we have been afraid to tackle/deal with. This is very powerful energy. Situations can be transformed. This doesn't have to be some big thing. Even small things will have energy and sticking power as we move through this square and Mars gets around Pluto.

WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY - Mercury, at 19 degrees Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces then Mercury WHO IS FLYING catches up with the Sun at 24 degrees Gemini

Mercury's square to Saturn could speak of challenging news. Tense conversations. A "no". An ending. Trouble with authority. Trouble for authority. Car/tech trouble. Sibling/local community trouble. Squares to Saturn take a material form. Situations show up in the real 3D world. They can be a time of testing. Limits. REALITY CHECKS. 

Mercury is following Venus's footsteps at a breakneck speed - so, please don't break your neck, this is certainly a week to SLOW DOWN - then he/she quickly meets up with the Sun. Results. Answers. Here is what we need to know/see. 

Surely the Saturnian limits and reality checks, Plutonian blow-ups and truth bombs are designed to bring us to this Sun/Mercury FRESH START. 

New thinking. New conversations. New ideas.

Then on SUNDAY, Venus, at the very end of Gemini squares Neptune at the very end of Pisces. 

Words/what we want can be confusing, even deceptive. Not everything will be true. Again, this is not the week to bet the farm or make a move on any 'pie-in-the-sky' ideas that have come out of nowhere. Watch your language. Watch your wallet. Dial down overly flirtatious or lightweight behavior because this kind of stuff will self-sabotage us now. Avoid addictive substances and escapist tendencies. Again the self-sabotaging potential of a Neptune square. Relationships/resource issues are CONFUSING. 

For many people this square might speak of the potential for EXHAUSTION and the need to take a break because of the 'break-neck' speed of all this Gemini we have been dealing with. 

So, give yourself a break. And protect your neck.

xo all

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