weekly astrology forecast | June 3rd to June 9th, 2024 - another big week, old social connections, positive financial and relational developments, new moon in gemini, then some reality checks and necessary slow downs later in the week

I started a Jupiter in Gemini post including how we can best benefit and take advantage of the next year, but the beautiful weather this past weekend here in New Jersey lured me away from my computer. I have to get that posted before this week's New Moon in Gemini post mid-week, so it is definitely posting very soon :)

In the meantime - keep in mind Jupiter's transits through a sign last about one year. Often the benefits come at THE END of the transit. Most people saw Jupiter leaving Taurus last week from a somehow stabler/more secure or BETTER position than he came in one year ago. Jupiter should have and would have delivered SOMETHING. Most likely an appreciation of what we have. 

(Jupiter rules justice and the court system and we have had multiple big trials and sentencing hearings wrap up in the last week. These have all likely, with Jupiter in Taurus, been LONG, slow, drawn out processes.)

Now that Jupiter has wrapped up in Taurus and is in Gemini, Jupiter is a whole other animal. This isn't about making anything more stable/steady. This is about variety and lightening up and the BLESSINGS OF BUSY. 

Your Gemini natal house is a space where it will ALWAYS pay off for you to be - versatile, quick, smart, not take yourself too seriously and have multiple irons in the fire. 

Let's do a quick unpacking of the week ahead and I will do a New Moon post that fleshes this week and next out even more!

On MONDAY - TUESDAY, the Moon is in steady-Eddie Taurus and moves right into that square with Pluto in Aquarius that Luna faces every time she enters a fixed sign. 

With Pluto retrograde this is about old power struggles, old obsessions, old fears. The Moon in Taurus pulls in our emotions around our self-worth, our values, our money and resources. Aquarius pulls in our groups, friendships, relationship with technology. With Mars set to enter Taurus on June 9th and square Pluto on June 11th, there could be some kind of emotional preview today of what will be going on then. Mars in mid-June is going to trigger - because Mars is a trigger/that's his job - all the squares to Pluto we have had in April and May as planets entered Taurus - the Sun, Mercury and Venus, and, of course, the Moon. 

This is also the day Mercury comes home to Gemini and the Sun trines the Libra South Node. 

With the Sun in light and airy Gemini trining the South Node in Libra, old social connections are highlighted. Conversations can be civil/smooth/diplomatic. We kind of coast along/don't really want to choose. BUT the Sun is also sextiling the North Node in Aries - this brings the greater, forward-leaning benefit, but also requires greater effort, so maybe during that civil conversation we say something brave or more true-to-ourselves or we actually do choose - we can do this in a lighter/more diplomatic way with these energies, and then something NEW is started ... for ourselves. Making a choice/a stand looks like the way to go today.

As Mercury changes signs - the conversation shifts. Our thinking changes. New information comes in. We already have the Sun and Venus and Jupiter in Gemini, so having Mercury - the ruler - here now, too, will concentrate things even more in this area of our life. 



On the plus side, having the ruler here means all these energies are answering to a strong Mercury in Gemini - quick on his/her feet, smart, appropriately able to add humor, versatile. This is us now. On the challenging side, this will feel like 'all Gemini all the time' which can mean we get too busy and mentally overloaded - keep this in mind. Mars' move into slow and steady Taurus at the end of the week, once he gets past Pluto, may actually prove helpful with this.

Mercury will fly through Gemini in just three weeks, so this is designed to grease Jupiter's wheels for the next year - this isn't the whole race. We are just getting started.

By TUESDAY, the Moon in Taurus is sextiling Saturn and meeting Uranus. There are creative opportunities to feel more stable AND to embrace change/be more comfortable with things that are different. Expect the unexpected emotionally.

This is also the day the Sun catches up with Venus at 14 degrees Gemini. This is in play all week. Choices are illuminated with women, beauty, love, money, our values and self-esteem. Here is a light on SOMETHING GOOD. We are seeing what we need to see. Maybe the value of doing two things at once or doing something over again is highlighted. 

During the exact conjunction of Venus and the Sun this year, Venus makes a point of the star pattern she forms with the Sun. We call this a Venus Star Point and it happens at 11:32AM EDT - set your intention for what you want. 

Prepare to notice and benefit from opportunities that show up. 

These energies can bring a positive/beneficial relationship or financial development. 

With Jupiter close by and that trine to Pluto this is INCREDIBLY POWERFUL. With every word you are casting your S-P-E-L-L. Be intentional and positive (it's an excellent time to leave behind any pessimistic/closed mindsets). Stay curious and open. Humor helps :)

Mercury catches up with Jupiter and trines Pluto - more choices or a second empowering choice. Optimism. BIG NEWS. Words are powerful and beneficial. 

THURSDAY - we have the New Moon at 16 degrees Gemini with the Sun conjunct Venus. This will have a BIG post. 

SATURDAY/SUNDAY - by the end of the week we will be dealing with Saturnian squares/reality checks through both Venus and the Sun - a need to come back down to earth. 

If there is something we have been avoiding/ignoring it will need to be taken care of. Decisions and choices might need to be made now. Keep these 'feet on the ground/reality checks' in mind, so you aren't over-doing/over-spending/over-promising earlier in the week.

Mercury is at 13 degrees ALREADY (how is this possible?!).and is now trining the North Node and sextiling the South Node. This is what the Sun was doing on Monday, so this could be continued conversations/news/ideas or now we are making plans from whatever came to light earlier in the week. 

Then Mars leaves his home sign of Aries and enters Taurus where he hasn't been for about two years. Things tend to slow down when Mars ingresses into Taurus. And with all this Gemini buzz maybe this is a necessary and good thing. 

If we are ready for this time to "stop and smell the roses" - if we have done our "starting" and are now ready to work with what we have accumulated - this is the time the run turns into a walk. Have patience. Our actions will have a more deliberate focus. Will need to be more practical. Hands on. Make sense/cents.

Mars in Taurus will wake up our Taurus house - a space naturally inclined toward doing the same old, same old and where we can get a bit "set in our ways" - although with Uranus here the past few years that 'steady as a rock thing' has been more like a landslide. 

Taurus Suns and our other Taurus planets will get a visit from Mars sometime over the next few weeks, so they get some revitalizing energy and a WAKE UP call. This is a physical transit - tired muscles feel good. Balancing the books feels good.

We have just had all the other inner planets move through Taurus, so Mars in Taurus will ping all those important transit degrees and activate all kinds of things. We will talk about this as we move through it.

Back with the Jupiter into Gemini and New Moon posts! I hope something here is helpful.  

xo all

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