weekly astrology forecast | may 27th to June 2nd, 2024 - facing fears, expecting the unexpected, time to forgive and forget, this Gemini season is especially big and busy and also helping set up next summer when uranus moves into gemini for 8 years - are we ready for that?!

We start this week with Jupiter now in mutable air Gemini. I still have to get a BIG post up about that and will this week. By the end of this week Jupiter is off to the races with an empowering trine (good news, important contacts, information you can use) to Pluto. 

For the rest of this year and almost half of next we will have both our middle planets - Jupiter and Saturn - in mutable signs. 

This is very rare/potent. The bad news about this is that nothing is rock solid BUT the good news is that NOTHING IS ROCK SOLID. We have wiggle room. The cement is not only not set, it isn't even poured yet. 

Jupiter in your natal chart is your luck - your good karma and the way you get lucky. It also shows an area where you can be the most GENEROUS. If you were born with Jupiter in Gemini, you would get lucky through words and conversations and interactions. By the movement of ideas and objects. Through humor and keeping things LIGHT. Through your siblings, friends who are like siblings, your local community. Your Gemini house placement. You could be good at alot of things. Generous in various ways. You could be a big fish in a small pond. Life has an almost unlimited number of ways to make you lucky with Jupiter in Gemini - you just have to be moving, talking, thinking. So, now with transiting Jupiter in Gemini we all get a little taste of this.

This won't countermand our natal Jupiter placement, but it will influence it, and, our Gemini natal house will expand through these Gemini impulses - to move, change, question, laugh, converse, etc - PLUS our other air sign planets, those in Libra and Aquarius, will get the smooth and expansive trines, so those same moves, changes, questions, conversations, etc, can go more smoothly and our other mutable planets, those in Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will get the challenging (because we are asked to EXPAND) squares. 

Alot changes when a middle planet changes signs. And with BOTH our middle planets - the planet of contraction, Saturn, and the planet of expansion, Jupiter - in mutable/changeable signs now, we know NOTHING IS ROCK SOLID. And, if you think this is a bad thing, think about the way Saturn and Jupiter in Cappy had everything in 2020 all nailed down. That won't be possible now. 

The nails are bent. Maybe missing. Maybe we hammered them in with a book or the bottom of our shoe when we couldn't find a hammer. Whatever is going on with those nails - they aren't ROCK SOLID. 

Keep in mind as we move into Gemini season this week and throughout much of June, that things can easily get mentally and even physically overwhelming - plan breaks and take needed downtime. It is ok to CHANGE YOUR MIND and alter your plans. 

Let's unpack the week.

MONDAY - Mercury sextile Saturn

WEDNESDAY - Mars conjunct Chiron

FRIDAY - Mercury conjunct Uranus

SUNDAY - Jupiter trine Pluto, Mercury sextile Neptune

MONDAY - Mercury, at 18 Taurus, sextiles Saturn in Pisces - here is where words and information are stabilizing. People are looking for information/words they can count on, so you want to know what you are talking about. Sextiles require some kind of action on our part to activate the energetic loop, so keep this in mind. The book we need isn't falling into our lap so much as we have to go to the bookstore and pull out our credit card and maybe even have a conversation with the bookseller. ACTION. Good energy for talking to authority and stepping into our own. With Saturn in compassionate Pisces it will pay to integrate connection and empathy with our words and plans now, too.

WEDNESDAY - Mars, at 22 degrees Aries catches up with wounded-healer Chiron. This is about having the courage to do what we are afraid to do. Actions can be painful and also HEALING. Maybe here is where we hit some kind of disappointment if we have moved too quickly or forcefully with something. Mars/Chiron can also be about a health situation or a situation where our actions hurt someone else. With this meeting happening in fiery Aries old wounds that are triggered can erupt in anger or impulsivity. Standing up for ourselves can HURT. Still, there is energy here this week that speaks of the need to confront our pain/vulnerability and, as Mars in his home sign likes to do - MOVE ON.

FRIDAY - Now, Mercury reaches 24 degrees Taurus and catches up with "anything-can-happen" Uranus. Words, news, information can be DISRUPTIVE. An unexpected bill can come in or an unexpected financial bonus. Breakthroughs. Breakups. Breakdowns. Flashes of genius and radical solutions. Expect the unexpected this week. 

SUNDAY - Now Mercury reaches the very, very end of Taurus and sextiles Neptune just as Jupiter, freshly minted in Gemini for the first time in twelve years, trines our retrograde Pluto.

Mercury/Neptune is dreamy. Words have soft edges now. We forgive. We forget. Sometimes we need some extra rest or some time in/near water. At its root, Taurus/Pisces is excellent 'planting the seed of the dream' energy. Jupiter trines our retrograde Pluto just as the Sun did last week, so maybe something from then has grown/is making us lucky. May and June is foreshadowing the astro of a couple years from now when Uranus moves into Gemini, so pay attention. Words are powerful. Social activity is important. Benefits will unfold easily/smoothly. New options are opening up. Jupiter/Pluto aspects are powerful, persuasive, grow confidence. 

As soon as Mercury sextiles Neptune he/she swings over into Gemini. Mercury rules Gemini and is very happy there, so even though NEXT WEEK (the week following this forecast) will be very busy, too, having Mercury in airy Gemini instead of stuck in the Taurus stubborn mud - should help keep things moving!

Back with that Jupiter post by sign!

xo all

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