today's astrology forecast | thursday, May 9th, 2024 - good day for action, communication, doing something new, getting something started and overcoming hiccups

The Moon is in Gemini now - a waxing crescent. There could be a bit of previewing going on now with what Jupiter in Gemini will EXPAND from the end of this month and into next year, so pay attention. 

Gemini is all about the movement of information and ideas. Gemini is about choices and multiple anythings. There will be more than one thing to talk about now, more than one thing to do, more than one way forward

While the Moon is in Gemini - today and tomorrow - we are nurtured through ideas/learning, conversations, variety, versatility, humor/logic, pairs of things, interactions within our local community, with our siblings, our tech/transportation, commerce (sounds random, but think about Mercury/Hermes, ruler of Gemini, our fleet footed and trickster messenger and about how ideas and other things spread). 

The Moon's only aspect today is an opportunistic sextile to Mars in Aries. Take action. Get moving. Start the ball rolling. Start a conversation. 

Vincent Van Gogh, an Aries, said, "I am always doing what I cannot do in order to learn how to do it". He didn't say - I am going to put 10,000 hours into this and become an expert. We could argue both sides of this and your chart will speak for your side of the fence, but for today, let Google be the expert. 

Try something else. 

Mars is home in Aries and extremely effective here. Aries and Gemini are good friends. Things can be extremely productive. This is the individual within a small group/community taking action. This is a conversation/information that moves things forward or starts something new. With Gemini there is almost no limit on how you can use this energy and be effective and this Mars sextile could provide energy, drive and ambition.

Pallas in wise/big-picture/optimistic Sagittarius perfects her own sextile today with Pluto, retrograde in Aquarius. Spaces where we have just kind of 'skimmed the surface' or been overly-optimistic are subject to a deeper review. Sextiles to Pluto can be a time when we are making a COMMITMENT. This could be about an old group situation with Pluto retrograde in Aquarius or your own Aquarius house placement could apply here. Great for focus, but also for obsession/manipulation. Jupiter is on top of Algol now, so don't lose your head. 

By tomorrow the Moon will square Saturn, so there could be hiccups and stops with anything moving too far too fast or going in too many different directions. Delays. Rules. Limits. Starting this August (and through June 2025) - Jupiter in Gemini and Saturn in Pisces are going to start squaring each other - we grow too big, we contract. We are too optimistic - we get a reality check. We attract challenges/tension through our risky behavior and beliefs we might be glued to a little too tightly. This is a natural part of the universal cycles. These are our middle planets that connect the inner planets to the outer planets and their contacts are important/bring bigger collective events. For now though, this is our fast moving Moon, so more likely to be a roadblock in our plans (that waters down our mood) than a full-on stop. After the Saturn roadblock/reality check, the Moon on Friday will sextile Mercury, so she has access to Aries again - maybe through a conversation, information, change in our thinking - gets fired up and keeps going. 

Keep in mind the position of Uranus (the change) in that New Moon chart. The change comes before the beneficial growth.

The Sun will meet up with Uranus on MONDAY - we don't want to be resisting change. 

For today, keep moving forward. 

xo all

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